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2018 World Cup Qualifiers
12 Nov: India vs Guam
14 Oct: India vs Chonburi FC     22 Oct: India vs Frenz Utd A




  • r floodlights working or not?
  • keralakid, will watch ur team's match tonight
  • r u watching our (bengal) matches, keralakid?
  • namewtheldnamewtheld 2032 PointsU19 International
    Extreme unprofessionalism from Kerala FA. Its a shame that a national level tournament is be8ng run like a local level one. How can they not stary the match on time!?
  • hope all 4 bengal teams (MB, EB, MDS & UNITED) will enter semis
  • what fuck u talking.even i league not conductng at right maner,how many tme fixture changed,2pm start..look at crowd in manjeri,even yur kolkata nd goan team do nt getng thease crowd suport in home grounds.
  • today eagle will fly high,will touch sky....
  • DAARA hocche

    churchill will give ur team 3 goals tonight
  • gaffertapegaffertape 6650 PointsU23 Olympian
    Mohd Sporting will beat Bhowanipore. .2 or 3 nil.
    Bhowanipore once again with a man marking system to deal With Josimar & Penn.
    20mins gone..95% possession to MDSP and ball is always in Bhowanipore half of field
  • if sikkim beats dempo & mds win tonight by 2-3 goals,

    MDS can enter semis
  • 45'

  • semi line up
    Dempo,bengaluru,lajong,eagles(bcz am kerala,thts y) or churchill(non keralite)
  • eagles will not scrape through

    its a shit team coached by x MB coach (also a perfect shit)
  • goalkeepargoalkeepar Parts Unknown3000 PointsU23 Olympian
    @ Keralakid r u gone mad for 2 days match started 4pm in kerala and where are the people at javalhar nahru stadium even dular gets more people than your 75 thousand capacity stadium
  • gaffertapegaffertape 6650 PointsU23 Olympian
    Josimar tripped in bow...penalty to mohd sporting
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