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    There's no trace of the Nasaf's women's team on the internet. Nasaf is not in atleast first two tiers of women's league. 

    However I saw a report (in Russian, had to depend on Google to translate) that there was a merger between PFC Sevinch and FC Nasaf. She may have signed for Sevinch, not Nasaf (technically).

    Sevinch currently is the table-toppers of the Uzbek women's top tier. It has already started with teams already playing 11 games each (a total of 10 teams). Most probably each team will play 18 games and then 4 more after dividing the table into top half and bottom half.
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    Finally, a detailed report. The takeover is mentioned in this. So she's going to a table topper. That's really cool. It's great to see that the interest in her was organic, rather than PR stunt. These Uzbek women's clubs do not have proper social media handles, so definitely not for PR.
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    Gokulam must be making a lot of money with these moves too! Would be amazing to see Manisha in the Champions league
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    @Ronny Gokulam won't make any money. All these female footballers are on very short contracts with so less wages. These are free transfers. Gokulam signed a bit longer contract because of Asian competition, but I believe no one is on multi-year contracts
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    Now that's something new. 3 year contract.

    18 year old NT midfielder Martinia Thokchom
    Indian Arrows -> Gokulam Kerala FC
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    Dangmei Grace official announcement.

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    Dalima Chhibber has returned back to Canada and will play university level football for Manitoba Bisons. She's pursuing a Post-graduate degree in Sports Psychology there.

    The season will start on 26th August with the league stage running till the end of October. Each team will play 14 matches in league stage.

    That makes it 3 NT players abroad (all 3 played for GKFC last season).
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    wow 14 games for a university level football. our states leagues matches are lesser than that. in KPL, it was 10 matches which was the highest i heard of.
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    Manisha Kalyan's Apollon Limassol will start their league campaign on 18th Sep. The league has 7 teams, thus each team will play 12 matches before splitting the teams into two groups. The first stage will run till 15 Jan. They will participate in UEFA Champions League preliminary rounds much before that. They have their first match on 18th Aug and has to win 3 ties (the last a double-legged tie) to qualify for group stage).

    Dangmei Grace's Sevinch PFC will restart their league campaign on Aug 5th. They currently sit on top of the table after 11 matches, with only a single point separating top 3 teams. The league has 10 teams, therefore Sevinch have 7 more games left.
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