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    Himachal Pradesh team consist of 15  girls from one Haryana Village Chuli Bagrian in Hisar district. They also defeated their own state Haryana on the way.

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    But AIFF has same old formula for under x years important tournament:
    Gather 30-35 players of age between x-2 to x-1 year, send them to world tour & then select final squad if everything goes well

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    Sexism, financial insecurity, gender disparity: The many battles of women’s football in India

    Aditi Chauhan and Dalima Chhibber speak on why being a women’s footballer in India is not easy
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    Not only India but it is true in almost every country for Women's Football.
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    True, @munna

    Only the awareness about this discrimination and the recourse to legal action afforded to women footballers is somewhat better in some other countries, particularly in European countries. 

    This report highlights this particular aspect:

    "Sexism is one of the longstanding issues faced by women in society and it runs deep in Indian football too. The notion that the women’s game is far inferior and a secondary version compared to what men play continues to exist.

    On the back of it, is the huge gender pay disparity that is now coming to the fore globally.

    The winners of the ongoing Fifa Women’s World Cup will receive a cash prize of $4 million. And although the cash prize is double from the previous edition that took place in 2015, France was awarded a total of $38 million for winning the 2018 men’s World Cup, almost ten times as much.

    That’s one of the reasons why current Ballon d’Or holder and Norwegian Ada Hegerberg is not featuring for her country at the Women’s World Cup, her last national team appearance coming back in 2017.

    She cited the discriminatory treatment of the women’s team by the Norwegian football federation as a reason for her departure. Earlier in March, the US women’s team had also taken legal action against their own federation over unequal pay, despite racking up more accolades than the men.

    Countries like Norway and New Zealand have now put forward new agreements in place where men and women are receiving the same pay for representing their country.

    The scenario is completely different in India where women’s footballers still rely on part-time jobs to earn a living. On national duty, all that women’s players get paid by the All India Football Federation is a meager daily allowance sum of Rs 600 while men earn somewhere around 15-25 dollars for foreign tours and Rs 1000 for games at home.

    “We can’t compare men and women’s football in India. We are at a stage where we are growing and trying to reach the level set by them [men]. It’s unfair to compare. But from what I feel, we are heading in the right direction,” said India captain Aditi Chauhan when asked if women’s footballers were underpaid.

    For young guns like Chhibber, who burst onto the scene a couple of years ago, equal pay still remains a far-fetched goal.

    “I am actually happy that in some countries are getting equal pay as the men, but in India, I don’t see that happening or the gap getting lesser anytime soon. In those countries it only became possible because the players came up and stood together for such a matter but in India, it’s still a far fetched goal,” Chhibber added."
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    Women Footballers should look at Womens Hockey Team for inspiration. Government jobs thru sports quota, playing in continental tournaments, internationals will bring money.
    Club and League will not provide much money. League is of very short duration.
    One cannot have legal discourse asking for parity in salary because women's league barely get any sponsors, TV Ratings or spectators at this moment.
    Women players , in different sporting events like Boxing, Wrestling, Hockey, weightlifting have made lot of money while representing India in various events like Asian games, olympic, commonwealth, SAFF      plus cash prizes as well as government jobs.
    Once they (Women Footballers) get noticed in continental events, crowd and sponsors will start coming on Womens League and players will make more money.

    In last SAFF Games at Shillong, it was a packed stadium when India Womens Team won Gold Medal. We need more of such moments.

    League should be played in the North East under Floodlights. Instead it was played in May heat & morning in Ludhiana. Wah AIFF Wah

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    Cotif Cup fixtures :
    August 1, 2019: India vs Guinea
    August 3, 2019: India vs Bolivia
    August 4, 2019: Mauritiana vs India
    August 5, 2019: Spain vs India
    August 8, 2019: Final
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    Match Day
    India (W) vs Villareal (W)
    Venue: Valencia,Spain
    Kick Off : 11:30PM IST

    The team was supposed to face Equatorial Guinea but they withdrew and were replaced by Villareal 
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