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    The All India Football Federation (AIFF) has nominated Gokulam Kerala to represent India at the AFC Women’s Club Championship 2020-21. 

    The upcoming 5th edition of IWL was originally supposed to be held in Bhubaneswar by Odisha Sports in close coordination with the AIFF. However, the governing body decided to postpone it, owing to the second wave of the pandemic which hit hard. The League Committee had also taken a decision to conduct it later in a new window, subject to health parameters.

    AFC Club Women's Championship will feature eight teams from eight different nations and will take place between October 30 and November 14, 2021. Group A (East) will consist of representative clubs from Chinese Taipei, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam, while Group B (West) will feature a club each from India, IR Iran, Jordan and Uzbekistan.
  • The Indian women's team is set to play 4 friendlies in October in preparation of the AFC Women's Asian Cup.

    Oct 2: India vs UAE, Dubai
    Oct 4: India vs Tunisia, Dubai
    Oct 10: India vs Bahrain, Manama
    Oct 13: India vs Chinese Taipei, Manama

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    India won today's game against Chinese Taipei (1-0). They may not be top 5 Asian side . But Taipei has good Women's national team and miles ahead of Indian team. This is indeed a great result.

    Oct 2: India vs UAE, Dubai  - Won by 4-1
    Oct 4: India vs Tunisia, Dubai - Lost by 0-1
    Oct 10: India vs Bahrain, Manama - Won by 5-0
    Oct 13: India vs Chinese Taipei, Manama - Won by 1-0
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    I was planning to ask this since last week: any tournament is going on or we are preparing for something or it’s usual friendly games?
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    Got the answer from previous post [email protected]
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    CT are ranked 40th and we are ranked 57th
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    edited October 2021
    India's tour of Sweden

    Oct 20: Hammarby IF 3 : 2 India (L)
    Oct 23: Djurgarden IF 1 : 0 India (L)
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    The two remaining participants of 2022 AFC Women's Asian Cup will be confirmed tomorrow.

    The draw for group stage is scheduled on October 28. India will be in Pot 1 as hosts (A1). The following teams have qualified (sorted by AFC ranking).

    Australia (2)
    Japan (3)
    China (4)
    South Korea (5)
    Vietnam (6)
    Thailand (7)
    India (11)
    Philippines (13)
    Iran (14)
    Indonesia (19)

    Remaining two spots:
    Chinese Taipei (8) / Bahrain (17)
    Myanmar (10) / UAE (20)

    5 teams (other than Australia) can gain direct qualification to 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup through this tournament with an additional 2 to Playoffs.
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    India will finish last in group screen shot this 
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