2012-13 I-League: Round 26

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Two weeks till the final round but still the matches, venues, and timings have now been released so I might as well start it now. (Source: i-league.org).<div><div style="font-weight: normal;"><br></div><div><b>Matches:</b></div><div><b><br></b></div><div><b>11 May 2013:</b></div></div><div>- Prayag United vs. ONGC (Salt Lake Stadium; 2:00 pm).</div><div>- Sporting Goa vs. Mumbai (TBA; 3:45 pm).</div><div>- Pune vs. Pailan Arrows (Balewadi Sports Complex; 6:30 pm).</div><div><br></div><div><b>12 May 2013:</b></div><div>- East Bengal vs. Shillong Lajong (Salt Lake Stadium; 2:00 pm).</div><div>- United Sikkim vs. Mohun Bagan (Paljor Stadium; 2:00 pm).</div><div>- Dempo vs. Salgaocar (Tilak Maidan Stadium; 3:45 pm).</div><div>- Air India vs. Churchill Brothers (Balewadi Sports Complex; 4:00 pm).</div>


  • First Leg Results:<div><br></div><div>- ONGC 1-1 Prayag United (26 October 2012).</div><div>- Mumbai 3-2 Sporting Goa (9 November 2012).</div><div>- Pailan Arrows 0-2 Pune (9 November 2012).</div><div><br></div><div>- Shillong Lajong 0-0 East Bengal (1 December 2012).</div><div>- Mohun Bagan 0-0 United Sikkim (24 January 2013).</div><div>- Salgaocar 1-2 Dempo (1 December 2012).</div><div>- Churchill Brothers 3-0 Air India (19 March 2013).</div>
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    - Prayag United SC vs ONGC (Kalyani Stadium; 3:30 Pm)
    - Sporting Goa vs Mumbai FC (Tilak Stadium; 6:00 Pm)
    - Pune FC vs Pailan Arrows (Balewadi Sports Complex; 4:30 Pm).
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    Wen C.B wil play their last match?
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    The top 5 position wil remain same 6 to 9th is sumthng to look 4.
  • Churchill Brothers play tomorrow against Air India.<div><br></div><div>Go to soccerway for all I-League fixtures and accurate line-ups.</div>
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    <img src="http://i.imgur.com/JjDUvnN.png"><div><br></div><div>Prayag United vs ONGC</div><div><br></div><div>Subrata still with Prayag with which I assume will be one of the last games. Nothing to play for with Prayag as they will stay in 4th while ONGC can climb to 6th or 7th depending on their GD.</div>
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    Subrata took a hit while making a great double-save against ONGC. Blocking the second shot with his right hand, it appears he was kicked and had to be bandaged up but is still playing. What a champ. Though hopefully it's nothing serious.
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    HT Prayag United 2 - 0 ONGC<div><br></div><div>Business as usual as the home team is leading 2-nil yo half time with both goals from Ranti, one from a through-ball and another from a penalty of a foul on Vincent.</div><div><br></div><div>Subrata Pal made some great saves despite the onslaught advances from Prayag who had most of the possession and chances. Rehnesh T.P., on the other hand, made a blooper that almost gave away a goal. I can't see ONGC getting 2 goals back but we shall see.</div><div><br></div><div>Let's see what the 2nd half brings.</div>
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    common play other players than top line up
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    Subrata Pal with another great save! He is doing wonders tonight!! 
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