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    Can understand your pain.
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    @ArsenalFan700 Also for wiki purpose we can look at the example of Al Duahail page.. Lekhiwa and El Jaish merged to form Al Duhail.. But it was basically a rebranding of Lekhiwa after the takeover.. So they just renamed the Lekhiwa page as Al Duhail.. And most important thing to settle these disputes is to lokk at what AFC says.. Lekhiwa won the 2016-17 QSL and based on that Al Duhail got an ACL spot in 2018.. So for AFC it was the same club just renamed..
    AFC wont allow a new club to take a direct group stage spot in AFC Tournament
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    We will see about the pains and joys and how long they last in the coming days.

    Anyway, without weighing into the name/rebranding controversy, I would like to remind what Messrs. Bose and Dutta had termed the new entity ATK Mohun Bagan--the new avatar of Mohun Bagan.

    Such intelligent and well-spoken guys, these fellows!! B)
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    Not relevant to this thread, but still couldn't control my temptation to ask this question in the context of last few comments by the Bangals!

    Which club has been stripped naked in their centenary year, in the history of any sports! ;) I mean chaddi bhi nahi raha.  :#

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    At least we have our club, not forced to eat the leftovers of a certain Bijli-kaku!!

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    Yeah, my reasoning for editing it as if it is a new club is because of the sources we have right now basically saying so. I don't really believe its a new club but most sources have basically talking about the new team launching etc.
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    In East Bengal's centenary year Mohun Bagan shuts down and ceases to exist. 2020 has a shiny side finally. 
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    Overheard from a MB fan: Got rid of two tigers: the winged one and the wounded ( :smiley: :smiley: ) one.
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