FC Goa vs Atletico de Kolkata | 23rd October



  • rudrarudra 2958 Points
    "How many youth players have been developed" big facepalm
  • coolgagancoolgagan 1109 Points
    Q1) Micheal Chopra is yet another footballer who despite bring fat and unfit, his movements look OK on field. Though his impact is negligible given how slow he is to react.
    Q2) I said coaches don't win matches.
    Q3) Youth development will start
    Q4) Though players will feel the fatigue in this tournament. I agree on this.
  • samsam 16442 Points
    Edel Bete is a total waste. Field SRC as GK regularly and get 1 extra outfield foreign player: ATK must follow this. I don't know how they will manage replacement for Denzil. Baljit can't play there regularly. 
  • mohammed_87hassanmohammed_87hassan Sumeet Passin FC Jupiter10454 Points
    What happen to Mirosolav Sepielka

    fc Goa should drop JAN Seeda and use an outfield

    ZICO should coach India :P :P =))

    ISL teams look for Big names but don't care how good they will be

    Happy that we have best marquee and best player in ISL SUPER ELANO :D
  • coolgagancoolgagan 1109 Points
    Getting Elano is the most sensible decision. He may not be the biggest name in India. But, performance speaks. Good to see chennai go with someone really in touch with the game
  • shankarshankar 2600 Points
    Goan got a decent team... sandro has been really good in center role...
    Miroslav Slepička is an ex czech international is in the squad?? and still they playing ranti martins??
    if that players is not find they should change a tactic to 4-4-2 because ranti cant single handedly manage these superior foreign center backs
  • DomnicDomnic 2309 Points
    Who is Sandro?? Slepicka is injured since the first day. Has not played a single match yet but nobody interested in replacing him. The lethargic attitude of the owners is the real problem.
  • shankarshankar 2600 Points
    sorry i meant adnre santos...not sandro..

    i hope they get a replacement but i doubt any player would be interested to come for just 2 months instaead of an entire season..

    ISL needs FC Goa to be able to finish good because goa as one of prime area as far as talented indian players goes.. so a positive result shall interest them to take the sports more seriously
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