Improvements you wish to see in I-League 2011-12

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Guys please put list of improvements you wish to see from next season's(2011-12) I-League.

With AIFF & IMG-RIL + Clubs and AFC/FIFA all of them gearing up, definitely fans expectations have risen.This season we have been duped and fooled by everyone,so surely we are looking for something fresh.

Please share your ideas here


  • usaindiausaindia 1671 Points
    1) decent websites for each team
    2) announced attendance
    3) TV/LIVE SCORES coverage
    4)set schedule
  • namewtheldnamewtheld Kolkata5665 Points
    1. Evening Matches
    2. Matches on weekends
    3. Club Merchandise
    4. At least 75% matches live telecast. Others, highlights
    5. Schedule for the whole season at once
    6. Big Sponsors
  • rudrarudra 2958 Points
    TV telecast before anything else

    16 teams - Hopefully 2 of 16 from north east (well its not in our hands) - I wanna see a North East Derby - will be fantastic for sure

    Improved stadium conditions for I league teams - atleast the ground should be good
  • usaindiausaindia 1671 Points
    All star games
    player of the month awards
    coach of the month and best goal keeper
  • ashindiaashindia 9272 Points
    1) Telecast :- Proper Telecast of Matches.Must be handed over to good English Sports channel with good commentators & presentation.

    2) Fan interaction :- Clubs must interact and get involved with fans,cause without fans they are just duds.

    3) Database/Profile Maintenance/Proper Coverage :- Good separate website for I-League providing up to date I-League news,transfer updates,maintaining stats of League, containing player/stadium/club profiles.Same with clubs to maintain their own websites and provide information to fans.

    Currently it is very difficult to find information related to I-League so hope AIFF and clubs act on this issue.

    4) Infrastructure :- Matches must be played in good maintained pitches,so that the quality of game doesn't decrease.Also good stadium facilities for fans with clean toilets,snacks,proper clean seating etc.

    5) Number of teams :- I hope number of teams increase to 16 next season,but all depends on how many teams turn Pro.

    6) Sponsorship/Merchandise :- All clubs need to be financially feasible.So its a must that each clubs has to have atleast 5-6 sponsors.Also clubs need to adopt Merchandise sales to generate extra revenue.

    7) Youth Development :- All clubs must train U-10,U-13,U-17 & U-19 teams and appoint coaches for them.
  • ashindiaashindia 9272 Points
    AIFF and Goan Officials meeting regarding improvement of Indian Football & I-League :-

    The face of Indian football and the brand value of I-League is bound to undergo a big change in the near future, stated PWD Minister Churchill Alemao, patron of Churchill Bros after a meeting with the AIFF’s top administrative brass at Taj Exotica, Benaulim on Thursday.

    Churchill was closeted with new AIFF general secretary, Kushal Das, who was on the Goa visit for the first time after taking charge alongwith I-League CEO Sunando Dar.

    “The interaction was fruitful and productive as the two officials sought our views on a frank and open basis and made us feel part and parcel of the AIFF,” disclosed Churchill.

    “The marketing of the League was highlighted, especially where the TV coverage is concerned. Merchandising was also stressed. But it was the problem with the standard of refereeing, which also was felt by some other clubs, that was debated threadbare,” remarked Churchill. “Overall, there was agreement that much more needed to be done to raise the standard of refereeing.”

    “The two officials were very receptive, there being no rancour and no signs of arrogance at all as discussions on several issues were taken up in a frank manner and in a positive, constructive way. The problem of floodlights, the release of the players for National duty, the Bob Houghton’s failed policy also came up for discussisons,” said Churchill.

    “The need to lay stress on grassroots and youth development with setting up of academies for youth was another key area that was taken up during the parleys. We need to have a redefined vision for our football and there must be consistency in our philosophy and way of working,” pointed out Churchill highlighting that the basics must be laid on a strong ground, with the roofing coming last.

    Churchill pointed out that there was need to fully professionalise the administration as well as the way the League is being run. “With the IMG-Reliance coming in a big way, there are hopes that the image of football will get a big boost. It will take one or two years,” added Churchill.

    Churchill was happy that the AIFF officials had come to seek the views of the clubs so as to get first hand information.

    Valanka Alemao, vice-president, Savio Alemao, Warren Alemao, directors, Macario Rodrigues, CEO Churchill Bros were also present.

    Meanwhile, Churchill disclosed that a Croatian coach is expected to take charge as the head coach of the team soon.

    Earlier, the AIFF officials also had parleys with Dempo, Salgaocar, Sporting Clube de Goa and Vasco officials. They are expected to meet with Sesa Goa delegates on Friday.
  • * An NBA playoffs system covering a team from each
    city covering every regions of Nation

    *Matches to be telecasted live and deferred along with
    highlight packages and
    interactive sessions hosted
    by partnering television
    channels. ( preferably

    I League

    1. I League National Playoffs
    *16 teams knock out tournament
    *3rd and 4th for 2nd runner-up
    *Each of clubs owns the mentioned stars/foreign players through annual seasonal auctions
    *Foreign stars can only play the final I League playoffs round
    *Round held during the non-footballing dates for foreign stars to be available for the final I League playoffs
    *Auction consists of 3 world class reputed footballers, 9 professional reputed footballers
    *Foreign stars to be named as icon players
    *League associated with well reputed European clubs
    *Icon players released by the associated european clubs
    *These 12 icon players auctioned to 12 different qualified Indian clubs(except for private sector and SAFF playoff teams)
    *Each club can own only one icon player

    2. I League Regional Playoffs
    * 8 regions called divisions
    * 8 teams in each division
    * Top teams qualify for the national playoffs
    *2nd or 3rd of each region for national playoffs

    3. I League Divisional Playoffs
    * Each region with 2 sub-divisions
    * 8 teams each division
    * All 152 clubs should be pro. clubs owning the official permit licence
    *Only one team representing their city/state

    4. SAFE Playoffs
    * 8 SAFF nations national champions
    * 8 team knock out round
    * SAFE playoffs champions qualifies directly to final playoffs
    * 2nd and 3rd place faces a playoffs for qualifying for the final grant playoffs
    * SAFF playoffs held after the nations respective national leagues

    I League System(160)
    1. I League National Playoffs (16 teams)
    2. I League Regional Playoffs(152)
    - North Divisional Playoffs(8)
    Div 1(8)
    Div 2(8)
    - East Divisional Playoffs(8)
    Div 1(8)
    Div 2(8)
    - West Divisional Playoffs(8)
    Div 1(8)
    Div 2(8)
    - South Divisional Playoffs(8)
    Div 1(8)
    Div 2(8)
    - Private Sector Divisional Playoffs(8)
    Div 1(8)
    Div 2(8)
    - North East Divisional Playoffs(8)
    Div 1(8)
    Div 2(8)
    - Union Divisional Playoffs(8)

    3. SAFF Champions Playoffs(8)
  • namewtheldnamewtheld Kolkata5665 Points
    An IPL like franchisee based but Knock-out tournament telecasted live on ESPN under floodlights!
  • archakarchak 2082 Points
    kick out clubs like hal etc
  • ashindiaashindia 9272 Points
    Meeting Regarding New IMG-Reliance League 2012-2013

    The next executive committee meeting of the All India Football Federation will be held in Mumbai on March 19.

    A key agenda in the meeting is likely to be the IMG-Reliance sponsorship of the next I-League (2012-2013). It is understood that the sponsorship will be worth several crores of rupees. Infrastructure development in various parts of the country also will be taken up for consideration. Some time back a team from IMG had made a visit to the Nehru stadium here and various other sports arenas in Tamil Nadu.

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