ISL Team Banter - Just for Fun

Well just to start a thread to let out your frustrations and anguish against other teams in a funny quote, Try not to have F's and D's here :)

Delhi Dynamos - Massive stadium for a Chalta hai fan base, Funny you get the majority of the crowd in after 15 mins, Something even the commentators notice. The real reason for people coming late is to avoid parineeti waving to them as part of the pre match "Pump up".
Did you also notice there is a huge gap between the pitch and the fans? That is recommended distance suggested by the health ministry for the safety of the eyes to see the bright orange and the gory Foot titled "Thok Thenge".

Well that line is gonna stay on for a few years. Did you notice the foot in the logo? The boots are pointing up rather than kicking the ball. Thats a straight red these days.


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