Football Tragedies: When the beautiful game is literally a matter of life and death



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    Apparently some, if not all, of these guys were sitting together or in the same area of the plane
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    And with the recent news saying the crash was due to fuel getting empty just makes this tragedy as the one which should have been averted and very easily could have been averted. Rip .
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    Lot of issues of negligence are coming up.

    1) Brazil Aviation authorities had asked the club to hire either Brazilian or Colombian charter plane if they wanted direct flight. Yet mysteriously club wanted this Bolivian Chartered company only. First they went to Santa Cruz in Bolivia in commercial flight and then took this chartered plane.

    2) This Venezuela owned Bolivia based chartered copany has only 2 17-18 year old British airplanes.

    3) It was the first flight by the woman co-pilot.

    4) At Cobija Bolivia, plane stopped. They wasted time there taking out a video game from the baggage hold of one player. They could have done refuelling there but pilot crew said that if they spend time in refueling, Colombia airport may get closed. They thought that fuel was just enough.

    5) Major cost cutting exercise it seems. It was not enough if airplane was in holding for 30 minutes or so.

    6) In my opinion, it was a combination of idiotic and inexperienced crew, small chartered airline, cost cutting exercise by both club and airline  which caused this accident.
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    And, (not disrespecting these set of talented footballers) to think that Messi and the Argentine football team were on this plane just two weeks ago

    Just two weeks ago, Lionel Messi was on the same plane that crashed in Colombia

    FOOTBALL Updated: Nov 30, 2016 21:44 IST
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    Just two weeks ago, Barcelona star Lionel Messi along with the entire Argentina national team travelled in the same aircraft that crashed in Colombia on Monday night.

    According to aviation specialist tracking sites, Messi and his Argentine teammates were travelling to San Juan for their World Cup qualifying match against Colombia which the hosts won 3-0. Messi had scored the opener in that match with a brilliant free-kick.

    The crash killed 71 people and wiped out Brazil’s Chapecoense soccer team en route to a cup final in Colombia.

    Only six people — three players, a journalist and two crew members — survived the crash on Monday night when Chapecoense’s charter plane, a BAe 146 made by BAE Systems Plc, hit a mountain en route to their Copa Sudamericana showdown in Medellin. Goalkeeper Jackson Follmann had his right leg amputated, said the San Vicente Foundation Hospital outside Medellin.

    Messi did not know about the fact that he had travelled on the same aircraft that met a tragic end. Messi and his Barcelona teammate Neymar were the first to pay tributes to the players on social media.

    Football legends Pele and Maradona as well as superstar Cristiano Ronaldo joined the football world paying tributes to the players of Chapecoense Real, a humble team whose march to glory — they entered the top tier of Brazilian league in 2014 — was cut abruptly short.

    “The pain is terrible. Just as we had made it, I will not say to the top, but to have national prominence, a tragedy like this happens,” club vice-president Ivan Tozzo told Globo SporTV. “It is very difficult, a very great tragedy.”

    Brazil have ordered three days of national mourning for the team.

  • munna219777munna219777 20901 Points

    According to The Economist, the main Pilot Mr Quiroga was also the co-owner of this chartered airline. No wonder he had vested interest in cutting corners, floating regulations. He was seen busy clicking pics and enjoying with players. his dicision to fly with insufficient fuel to save money and he took the risk while co-pilot woman was on her first ever flight. Why the hell  clubs hire such pathetic charters?
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    Was it the club that hired this charter flight?
  • ArsenalFan700ArsenalFan700 Reddit13654 Points
    According to people on reddit and stuff the only client of the plane service is CONMEBOL
  • munna219777munna219777 20901 Points
    Club has hired this charter flight. According to The Economist, it offered maximum discount. Normally for direct flight, Brazil aviation authority wanted the club to hire either Brazil or Colombia charter plane so that they can go directly. But the Brazilian club wanted so much to go by this chartered plane that they first flew to Bolivia and then on this doomed flight. I guess cutting costs or good money deal with this airline may have been the reason. This company has 2 planes only. one is crashed along with the co-owner. other airplane and company itself is now banned.
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    Management of the club and the charter company should be held responsible for the crash.
  • thebeautifulgamethebeautifulgame Durgapur,India21008 Points
    Another death on the football field in India: lapses galore, no ambulance on the ground, no one present on the field had any knowledge of CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation)...horrible, just many tragedies do we need to wake from our collective stupor?
    Exclusive: Indian Footballer dies while playing Football in a Maha League match
    Anilava Da
    Ashoke was a die-hard football fanatic and worked in the Gold manufacturing area of Javeri Bazar in Mumbai. Image Source: XtraTime

    Internet Desk: In a tragic incident a footballer died while playing the game on field in Mumbai. The incident occurred on a football field in Mumra near Kalyan. Ashoke Maity a 33 year old footballer died of a stroke while he was about to take the tie-breaker shot for his team Tarun Sporting Club a second division club in the Maha League. Ashoke was a die-hard football fanatic and worked in the Gold manufacturing area of Javeri Bazar in Mumbai.

    After taking the tie-breaker shot Ashok fell on the ground, everyone thought he must have gone unconscious. There was no doctor or Ambulance for the second division match on the ground. The tragedy amplified when the referee and the linesmen present didn’t have the knowledge of Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, commonly known as CPR, it is an emergency procedure that combines chest compression often with artificial ventilation in an effort to manually preserve intact brain function until further measures are taken to restore spontaneous blood circulation and breathing in a person who is in cardiac arrest. This goes to show the terrible neglect our sportsmen still face when medical supervision is concerned  on the field throughout the country. After lying on the ground for over half an hour he was rushed to a local hospital where he was declared brought dead.

    Ashok originates from Sinthi in North Kolkata. In Javeri Bazar area he was a very popular figure who ardently played football.

    Another Club official Jeorgi Saha said, “We are trying to arrange a charity match on his memory to raise funds to help his family”.

    Death on Football field has occured earlier too. One tragedy struck the final of the 26th Federation Cup football championship on December 2004. Dempo won the match 2-0 but lost its star striker Cristiano Junior moments after he scored his second goal against Mohun Bagan, a goal which turned out to be his last. The Brazilian player collided with Mohun Bagan goalkeeper Subrata Pal and crashed to the turf. In the 1993-94 Santosh Trophy tournament at Kannur, Indian Railways’ Sanjib Datta died after being hit in the solar plexus while going for the ball.

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