Atletico Paranaense International Tournament



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    this is previous Komal from 1:51.. a delight to watch
  • Surprised that @goalkeepar hasn't said that the Liverpool scouts were third rate ones and not the regular scouts.
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    Looking at those highlights actually impresses me. I know they're highlights and we shouldn't take to much out of them but the goals seemed pretty easy to describe. First one did go out of bounds and our defenders didn't play to the whistle and paid for it... something to develop mentally. Two headers which could have been better dealt with positionally but, especially the second one, was scored by a guy who was a lot bigger than our guys (which it seemed was a general theme from both this match and the Orlando City match). The final goal is again a learning experience goal for our guys, the Brazilian winger was too good and we just didn't maintain enough composure to be able to deal with it better.

    On chances we did have we didn't look too bad and honestly looked okay on the ball which is encouraging. 
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  • @ArsenalFan700 I think we should only include the match against Uruguay in the wiki page. I have not seen any club levels results in wiki pages.
  • ArsenalFan700ArsenalFan700 Reddit13655 Points
    Only reason I kept the two club games is because they are part of the tournament in which India played Uruguay in. If they were just friendlies or part of a different tournament then they should be taken off but if they are all part of the same tournament then why not keep them?
  • I think the fixtures list primarily is aimed at displaying matches against national teams. So maybe we should either keep the national team matches only or include all the games. But since it is national team page, perhaps relevance should be of matches against other national teams?
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    I agree but this case I feel is different only cause these two club games were in a tournament that also featured a national team. All the other games against club teams were just friendlies.

    I guess I can ask on WikiProject Football and see what they think.
  • Carbon_14Carbon_14 Bengaluru 4771 Points
    Some Asian countries have put club friendlies also on their wiki page
  • goalkeepargoalkeepar Turkish occupied Cyprus29282 Points
    @Ronny losing to Uruguay Z U17 by 2-1 is not a big thing.
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