Football Camps/Academies by International Clubs

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I was wondering if anyone had any idea about the quality of the football camps and academies run by International clubs like Arsenal, PSG,Boca Jr., etc. Do they take anyone who can afford the fees or they hold trials as well? If anyone has had personal experience there, that would be great if they could share it. Just trying to get a feel if these camps are helpful in developing talent or just another way for these clubs to make money?

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  • namewtheldnamewtheld Kolkata5665 Points
    I know about Man It's Soccer School jn Mumbai. They take in anyone who can afford their exorbitant fee. 
  • Oh are they still active? Didn't find any information about them online

  • jitug1979jitug1979 687 Points
    No it's shut now. You can however try FCB academy being run at Matunga or Boca Juniors one at Wadala. Both in Mumbai 
  • I was more curious about their quality actually. they all claim they send trainers from their clubs with a curriculum set on international standards,etc. Was wondering if that actually is the case
  • I can talk about DSK's LFC international Academy where the coaches have send from Liverpool. This does not mean LFC train the coaches, but that once an international relationship is established, coaches and support staff with an affiliation to Liverpool at some level (grassroots at UK level for example in the past) are provided through contract to work in various international locations. The coach then brings in people he thinks are suitable for the role. But the academy at DSK will be a standalone one with no direct contact from Liverpool, though the coach can recommend certain players to Kirkby. This resulted in Lallianzuala and Mawihmingthanga training at Kirkby for couple of weeks.
  • So no one gives a damn about foreign clubs academy now. This shows we are moved away from glamour they showcase to market and Indian people are interested in serious football.
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