ISL scouting



  • NagendraNagendra Rajahmundry, A.P3080 Points
    @ giridharan 

    FC Basel good financially as they are good in scouting players &  top notch when selling their players.  On top of it, they have good academy , owners and top pharmacy company is their shirt sponsor..

    They own less than 30% and shouldn't have any impact on Parternship
  • KoolKool USA82 Points
    Hey every one - 

    Any one with the knowledge of SCOUNT-ME app, the AIFF is using the scout for players. How effective is it and at what age group level. Any idea on how many people have enrolled through the app and how many are really scouted through this into any clubs around the country. Just trying to understand how it works and effective it is in spotting the talent at age group level. 

  • SanroySanroy Goa92 Points
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