2018 Indian Super Cup



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    WTF ?! Such a lame excuse . 
    Everyone needs the fed to carry their ass.

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    @indian_gooner that is translated from a Bengali newspaper, in Bengali they call Rupee's Taka its not the Bangladeshi taka's.
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    Seems like Minerva spent too much on refs
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    Top six teams of the Indian Super League and I-League along with the winners of the 4 qualifier matches will compete in the Super Cup.

    However, Chandigarh-based Minerva have made it clear that the club won't participate in the coveted clash between country's top two leagues if the federation refuse to pay heed to their demands.

    In a letter written to the All India Football Federation (AIFF), a copy of which is with Mail Today, the club has also slammed the federation for organising a knockout tournament between the I-League and Indian Super League (ISL) teams while not providing any financial aid to the club for the 21-day long championship.

    "As you know we are running on a shoestring budget and with a few sponsors we have barely been able to make it through the I-League season. We have to stick to our club's strict budget and financial model in order to survive. We have come to the conclusion that we cannot afford to participate in the upcoming Super Cup as according to the regulations there is no subsidy or financial aid for the clubs. Clubs are supposed to bear complete expenditure for travel, stay and salaries for extra two months," the letter read.

    "There is no mention of the prize money of the tournament even though fines and financial penalties have been written out in great detail. Even with very frugal spending the funds required for this tournament comes out to be around Rs 50-55 lakh. We request you to grant us some financial aid so that we can participate, otherwise we may be forced to with draw," it added.

    Speaking to Mail Today, meanwhile, a senior official of the club said another reason behind a likely pull out from the tournament is the hot conditions in Bhubaneswar.

    "I think it's inhumane to ask our players to play in 40-43* degree heat at Kalinga. It is a knockout tournament and the team is bound to give its all in every match, so it becomes unruly to play there. Secondly, you can't expect club like ours to bear expenses of boarding and lodging besides paying salaries of the players for additional two months. The cost itself is mounting around Rs 50 lakh and we don't think that the prize money could be that much. How are we supposed to even break even with so many expenses?" the official said.

    "Whenever we go to a sponsor, they ask us which league we are participating in. The future of our country's league structure is still not decided and the federation should focus more on that."

    The club is now awaiting a response from the federation.
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    So they have not pulled out yet. Waiting for the response from AIFF.
    deepak dedha
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    Lame excuses. If the I-league champions cannot be part of an AIFF organized  tournament where every club big or small is participating then they stripped of the i-league and relegated.

    I hope AIFF takes a strict view on this and shows some balls for once.
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    Very pertinent demand.

    Firstly, can someone tell me why Fed Cup is scrapped and Super Cup is formed? The answer is to accommodate ISL clubs. They cannot take part in a FIFA recognized tournament. So Fed Cup is sacrificed. Secondly, IL prize money is becoming a fiction day by day. It seems Aizawl haven't got their still. Why? Thirdly, why the clubs would have to bear the fooding-lodging costs? What is AIFF's responsibility? Then why so many foreigners in the teams? Again, to favour the ISL clubs. The list of questions is unending. Lastly, what is AIFF thinking on the unification/ single league, which they should have come up with a model by now.

    Apart from all above, Minerva's letter should make AIFF ponder over the financial model of these tournaments, particularly those under AIFF. I hope more clubs lend support to Minerva.
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    If they cant even pay two months extra salary,how are they gonna play in ISL ? It was a great opportunity to show the strength of the I league and wouldve made the pro rel case stronger . Instead the champions of India pussied out . AIFF are no saints as well. When it comes to giving money they are blind and deaf.
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    A cow gives more milk when it gets better fodder. Same is the case with Minerva, their main sponsor will only provide more money once they enter into ISL. 

    Apart from that i believe thats its not just about the money but about the way AIFF treats its clubs.
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