Mr. Jiri Cerny - False UEFA Couch and Football Business Fraudster

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I want to let you know about this person Mr. Jiri Cerny , who is doing "business" in Singapore, India, Malaysia and other countries. This guy is habitual criminal without any sport education, but with real talent to cheat people. So far he cheated hundreds of people in Europe and Asia, included the Kerala Evergreen FC case. Make no mistake, it was no business fault, it was pure fraud. One of many (included house burglary). He was committed in Czech Republic in many cases and since 2013 is on the run from the justice. More in investigative TV show included in sources.

Its time to stop him and send him in jail.

Please share this, there are still millions of people he can con.

Some of many sources:
Czech Police wanted list (not available in English):

Coach Richard Harcus about Jiri Cerny:

Kerala Evergreen FC Stolen Logo and More:


Juventus Soccer School:

And Youtube video, most of it is investigative TV show from 2012 covering small part of his criminal history back in Czech Republic and Slovakia. English subtitles added:

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