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    Jitendra Singh seriously ?? 
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    In the midfield,Pranoy and changte had a bad start under new coach,while players like Jackichand and Soosairaj seem to be not tested well in last two matches.What you guys think who all are the midfielders, who had an impact under Stimac's scheme of things?What about brandon, is he slotted in the wrong place in the match against Curacao? I believe Brandon should be given a chance ahead of Sahal as an attacking midfielder because of his proven abilities, though I'm not underestimating Sahal.It will be very interesting to see the final 23 squad for Intercontinental cup starting next month.
  • @ashindia yes he has been regular for arrows since long has played 30+ games in two seasons has 9 clean sheets
    even for U17 team he has been regular 
    not saying hes on par with likes of jhingan and all but worth taking in camp
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    But @shanks_dehighliving some members said that his performance in the Granatkin Memorial Tournament was not up to the mark

    Clean sheets are kept by a goalkeeper (or a team) I presume? Of course, he is helped to a large extent by the defenders but can we single out only one defender for helping to keep a clean sheet?

    Of course, I have not seen him play too much and you and other IFN members would be in a better position to comment on this.
  • Granatkin was long way back in Jan 2017 since then he has been in arrows for two seasons and hes doing ok imo.

    clean sheets are contributed to both defenders and GK together (unless GK has done half dozen spectacular saves)
    one cant single out only one defender but then unlike forwards there is no concrete measurement to judge defenders unless you go deep in analytics and if its not the case defender should not be criticised for all goals conceded as there are good chances xyz player is not at all involved in conceding goal but still football is team game 
    I would judge defender on basis of below points you cant use all(depends on role/attributes that coach requires from that player)
    1. game time (as in whether hes in main xi or sub regularly) most imp for me
    2. aerial duals won
    3. number of tackles
    4.number of interceptions
    5. number of clearances 
    again lot of things involved while judging players some players work well with good partner some are decent individual performer, some perform at club level some at NT , look at rahul bheke hes been consistent for last few seasons but still struggling.

    at the end of day we still havent found perfect replacement/upgrade for anas its still initial phase coach can try out many players before WCQ

    and like I said hes not the great player as compared to jhingan but he can be decent to fill 4th/5th CB slot in future (personal opinion) . I am saying this based on what I saw in I league 

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    I am not talking of Granatkin 2017 but the Granatkin Memorial Tournament 2019 which is currently in Progress in Russia and which is being discussed in the Youth Football in India thread. There some members had criticized Jitendra's performance. Isn't he the same Jitendra Singh who plays for Arrows?
  • yeah same, i havent seen Granatkin Memorial Tournament 2019 so not sure what he did there
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    Jitendra Singh is hardly 5'8 and he plays as CB. The position he plays requires physical attributes that he unfortunately doesn't have and over it he's prone to many defensive mistakes. 
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    Stimac is a very lucky Coach / Manager.
    Despite winning 1 out of 10 games with National Team, he got 1 year break now. It will be like 14 or 15 months before india team will get tested. 
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