Indian Super League 2019-20



  • RonnyRonny 4774 Points
    Classy goals by Valskis again today
  • SiVSiV 1165 Points
    Dinliana Renthelei played well yesterday.... 
  • SiVSiV 1165 Points
    edited January 24
    Chennayin are attacking well... Their Right back is now giving an assist to Valskis or else Central Midfielders provide him with the assist, other time they are going for goal via Right wing, most of the time running via left winger chhangte whose crosses are pathetic, or one on one within the front 3 & then going on for goal, or else Rafeal crivellaro is going for goal himself... Yesterday they scored via set piece as well.... Where will the opposiiton defend then ?

    They are scoring goals via various mazes/routes... impossible for any side to plan & stop such creativity....  They are playing well... If only they do their finishing a bit well and chhangte plays well, they will be unbeatable in attack...

    Defence continues to remain a concern despite some discipline by Centre backs now.. Still think they should have replaced the CBs in January.. Eli sabia is a bit overrated as well... Kaith is doing a good job
  • Its such treat to watch Rafeal crivellaro, his positioning, timing and weight on pass is impeccable
  • Carbon_14Carbon_14 Bengaluru 3442 Points
    Kattimani playing after so much time.... many ex-Goa players in Hyderabad... who’s behind that?
  • samsam 14961 Points
    Katti played one match for them earlier also. He was very disappointing. 
  • giridharangiridharan Washington D.C757 Points
    Another thing about the Chennayin attach is Edwin playing in midfield with ease. Not the best performance but he looks at ease. That seemed to have clicked really well. Im surprised at his passing scale.
  • SiVSiV 1165 Points
    Guess this time,  Fcgoa will top the league & ATK will win the isl cup .. Chennayin fc might be a dark horse here
  • ajmalajmal 1006 Points
    This years isl is very interesting to watch. Result of each match is important. Top 3 teams wants to top the league and qualify for Afc champions league. Many teams have a chance to be the fourth placed team and qualfy for Semfinals.
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