Indian Football Transfer News 2022-2023, Rumours, Gossips, Signings

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Madness, excitement, euphoria, heartbreak---yes, the Indian football transfer season is back! Indian football has always witnessed unparalleled craze and frenzy during the transfer season, what with players of the opposition camp even being kidnapped and placed in home detention during the heydays of the 70s and 80s. The Indian Super league has just ended, and already agents of players have started negotiations with clubs, contracts are being signed, and the media, as usual, is rife with speculations and rumours. Like it or hate it, nobody can deny the role of transfers in modern day football as they are pivotal to a team's strength and weakness as well as the livelihood of players and agents.

In keeping with the trends in recent years, the transfer news of both ISL 2022-23 season and I-League (also I-League Second Division) 2022-23 season shall be discussed here.

So, let the discussions begin!


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