Corporate Interest in Indian Football

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Lets keep this thread for any news on corporate interest in Indian football


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    PEPSI has launched a advertisement with Ranbir Kapoor on Football...Its called 'CHANGE THE GAME'

    The the video, every football lover in India has been looking for such advertisements

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    Does this mean Pepsi willing to invest/sponsor Indian football?
  • I do not think Pepsi is gona sponsor or invest in Indian football as of nw..they r just doing this for the marketing gimmick..mayb just mayb later on if things improve thy mite sponsor football in india!! But for now this add is gona definately change the game a lil bit in favour of football <!-- s:handgestures-thumbup: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/handgestures/thumbup.gif" alt=":handgestures-thumbup:" title="Thumb Up" /><!-- s:handgestures-thumbup: -->
  • PEPSI is going through the shits themselves right now! Why would they partner up with us! Yes, show off football in India but thats it, they will never have any I-League players in the commercial except maybe Subrata Pal, Sunil Chhetri, and Baichung Bhutia. Lets focus on smaller companies. We should try to get Kingfisher Airline as our Airline sponsor as they have been loyal to Indian Football. Get Airtel to be our Telephone sponsor. Then try getting Infosys as a sponsor as well. Also they should try out TATA Motors for the title sponsor (The TATA Motors I-League)
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    I like the Ad. 'Change the game'. Probably they are frustrated by the recent performance of our cricket team. Few days back even my wife was asking 'what is offside?' I think it a great improvement at home :D
  • whoever investing in next season i league shud be given tax evasion .
    we don't want to lose some investors to back out at some point of time.

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    Very interesting me thinking why corporates will be interested in Indian football?..there is nothing in it for them currently..

    The franchise bit but generated some interest but nothing like d IPL scene..aiff must make the I league a strong product seen on Tv played in d evenings..either there should be money involved or big crowds following...unfortunately for us fans its neither.
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    Does Football throw enough opportunities in India for marketers to leverage it?

    Ten Sports’ CEO Atul Pande says brands should be looking to compensate for the sport’s lack of monetisation opportunities on television by looking at more affiliations. He says, “The sport is more conducive for affiliations. Depending on the league, we get different kinds of viewing engagement. The introduction of a strong Indian league may help the sport garner more interest and close the gap on cricket. In one state which sees football garner high interest than cricket (West Bengal), viewership of football is level.”,live-issue-leveraging-the-8216next-big-thing8217-for-marketing.aspx
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    Mcdowell and kingfisher official beer partners<br> :D  =))
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    So HCL Technologies, a leading Indian PC manufacturer has sponsored Galatasaray for 9 crore Rs. They are getting their logo on their shorts. What a smart move and I am sure they will recieve their worth of every penny. Having your logo sported by Drogba and Sneijder is certainly awesome! That too just for 9 crore. With these kind of International options, why would any Indian MNC pour money in pathetic I-league?
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