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    I guess everyone has heard of this quote but since it has not been mentioned here, I will put it here anyway. It is perhaps the greatest quote on football by an Indian philosopher.

    Swami Vivekananda: 

    "You will be nearer to Heaven through football than through the study of the Gita."

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    There is only one language on the football pitch — the football language. It is a unique language, and without any words you can understand your team-mate. This is what we have to learn.
                                                                                                                          --Ranko Popovic
    Credit to @debarghya89 for fishing out this article
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    Arsene Wenger’s quote-tails: 15 Wenger Quotes on Life, Management, the Universe and everything in between

    Arsene Wenger may have been one of the most succesfull long serving managers of all time but his quotes reveal a person who has a deep understanding of human nature.

    He is best known as one of the most successful and long serving football managers in English Premier League history, but there was more to Arsene Wenger than just football. The man was also known for his deep understanding of human nature and for his thirst for knowledge. Small wonder then that while other managers talked tactics and rival teams and payers, Wenger sometimes took on the air of a profound thinker in his interactions with the media, reflecting on life, management, time and a whole lot besides. Indeed, he seemed to be more comfortable handing out quotes than dealing with his own coat, with which his struggles are legendary (we had to make that bad pun, alas).

    As the curtain comes down on his reign at Arsenal, here are fifteen quotes that show the philosopher that lay within the man they called the Professor:

    – “The only moment of possible happiness is the present. The past gives regrets. And future uncertainties. Man quickly realised this and created religion. It forgives him what he has done in the past and tells him not to worry about the future, as you will go to paradise.”

    “I am only a guide. I allow others to express what they have in them. I have not created anything. I am a facilitator of what is beautiful in man.”

    “I believe the target of anything in life should be to do it so well that it becomes an art.”

    – “People who work make the world live better and to reward these people well is normal. Yet they are not the people who are the wealthiest.”

    – “Some are wrong because they are not strong enough to fight temptation and some are wrong because they do not know.”

    – “A football team is like a beautiful woman. When you do not tell her, she forgets she is beautiful.”

    – “The only way to fight time is not to look back too much. If you do, it can make you feel anxious and guilty.”

    – “When you are a player you think “Me! Me! Me!” When you are a manager, you think “You! You! You!” “

    – “If you eat caviar every day, it is difficult to return to sausages.”

    – “Any man who concentrates his energies totally on one passion is, by definition, someone who hurts the people close to him.”

    – “No matter how much money you earn, you can only eat three meals a day and sleep in one bed.”

    – “The biggest things in life have been achieved by people who, at the start, we would have judged crazy. And yet if they had not had these crazy ideas, the world would have been more stupid.”

    – “If you do not believe you can do it, then you have no chance at all.”

    – “Work on your strong points because they are what made you.”

    – “I am in a job where you always look in front of you. Unfortunately, the older you get, the less distance there is in front of you…”

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    'Football without fans like a salad without dressing'

                                                                                                                                  -----Porto coach Sergio Conceicao
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