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    The CAM often wears the number 10 shirt, and is the creative attacker of the team.

    Now I have been very confused or not have any clue regrading numbers in football. In the news over the years, I have heard things like he can play as number 10, Spain team uses false number 9, Oscar (when at Brazil/Chelsea) is the best number 8 in the world.

    Surely it doesn't mean w.r.t to jersey number right? Although Oscar wore 8, Fernando Torres no 9.

    Even in this image, it is not sequential. after 2 it is 4, and after 8 it is 10. and 9 is on the top. How it will be the case in case of any other formation like 4-4-2, 4-5-1 etc.
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    False 9 is a formation in which center forward drops deep and join the midfield in possession. this opens up opportunities for other players.
    During Euro 2012,   David Villa was inujured and Torres was suffereing from a bad form.
    So Spanish coach Del Bosque used False -9 Tactics.
    Fabregas was used as False 9 who dug deep in the midfield and helped in possession. This helped players like Iniesta, David Silva to score. Alba and Arbeloa provided width.

    Klopp has further refined the role of False -9

    Roberto Firmino is the False-9 at Liverpool.
    He not only provide opportunities to both Mo Salah and Sadio Mane coming thru wings,
    Additional role of False 9 which Klopp has invented is to lead the Press / Counter - Press.

    Now this is possible only due to superb fitness levels of Firmino.

    False-9 is a constantly evolving tactical evolution.

    In future some other coach / Manager might bring another innovation to it.

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    It all comes down to traditional football, prior to the invention in the 1960s of formations.
    Teams back then had a fixed formation, substitutes were rare if not unheard of, and the players wore one to eleven:

    1 - goalie
    2 - rightback
    3 - leftback
    4 - centre halfback
    5 - right halfback
    6 - left halfback
    7 - right wing
    8 - inside right
    9 - centre forward
    10 - inside left
    11 - left wing

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    As per me style of football depends upon the resource you have. 
    @munna219777 great work. What tool are you using?

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    I copied these Field Diagrams from a related long online Football Discussion .
    Then I added my text. 
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    Good to know that the IFN encyclopedia also sometimes "copies" us lesser mortals some relief  :p :p
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    A superb demonstration of the False 9, and one of the greatest footballers to play in the position--Leo Messi.

    See the video carefully, particularly its analysis of how Guardiola changed his tactics (tweaked would be a better word) in the middle of the game to employ Messi as a Galse 9 to change the nature of that game

    Messi becomes a false nine

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    * Please read 'employed Messi as a False 9 ...' in the above post
  • wohho. just realized so many footballing greats we adored at one time.
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    A good write up on the subject. It explains the technicalities and details the evolution of false 9 from Nandor Hidegkuti to FrancescoTotti. Unfortunately, it is in Bengali, so not everybody would enjoy the essay.

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