I League Player Transfers News & Rumors 2013-14



  • goalkeepargoalkeepar Turkish occupied Cyprus29212 Points
    Beto may play another season but after his retirement he has plan to coach dempo may be as assistant coach as he is settled in goa
  • gaffertapegaffertape 13021 Points
    Amiri may be moving out of Dempo next season too...another one that the Kolkata clubs are rumoured to be chasing
  • AKBAKB Kolkata3039 Points

    What's the matter? Everybody has gone quiet about the transfer news !!  Even the Bengali Media is also silent. But you never know.. somebody may post some rubbish in Facebook and Bengali Media would project it as a "Breaking News". However it appears most likely that Odafa's career in India is over even if he scores a few in the remaining 4 matches... Mohun Bagan should not retain him. Also Chidi, Moga, Suoeka and Joshimar certainly will have to seek fortune elsewhere. All these guys are unfit.

  • sdr62sdr62 225 Points
    In Bartaman Patrika of Kolkata of today morning has given hints of forthcoming football transfers of India.
  • sdr62sdr62 225 Points
    East Bengal had a talk with Kim of Rangdajied United of Shilong.
  • gaffertapegaffertape 13021 Points
    Following on from Ravinder Singh and Adil Khan ,it appears that Wahid Sali will be the next 2013-14 signing to be shown the door by Mohun Bagan.

    Good season with ONGC, but struggled at Bagan...probably end up at Mumbai FC next season
  • ArsenalFan700ArsenalFan700 Reddit13655 Points
    Also known in football as the "One season wonder". Last season was not Wahid's first season in the I-League. It was his first after a while but this was not his first. He did well, very well but that does not mean he was really good overall. He managed to hit some good form, unfortunetly that did not follow at Bagan.

    I can see another Anil Kumar in the making sadly.
  • preetampreetam 870 Points
    all the rejected piece will be found in mumbai fc squad like A.yadavji , steven dias etc ...and ofcourse only if mumbai fc exist next season....
  • shibiershibier 2992 Points
    Where is Anil kumar now ? He was in his prime form when he played for Viva Kerala ..thn disappeared 
  • ronyboseronybose 0 Points
    it seems to be eb next year foreign recruitment will be uga, penn, tolgey & ranty........
    almost confirm
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