Clubs Jersey's

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<P>Dont you think we should have some nice and trendy jersey's for the football clubs across India .</P>
<P>why are we stuck to the usual pattern of plain red,blue,white,green,yellow,green). why cant we have stripes or mix colours ,or some funky design</P>
<P>Jerseys make the fans proud .so let your imagination takeover and suggest some nce designs for all the clubs home,away,third kit</P>
<P>anyways for most of the teams ,third kit is absent ..</P>
<P>Currently i think Bengaluru FC, PFC,KEB( the one they weared against semen),DEMPO AWAY look nice</P>
<P>rest clubs  need to improve</P>
<P>maybe then we can suggest the clubs to take a look at them and change accordingly</P>
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