2013-14 I-League Round 18: The leaders return.



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    can bengal clubs drop chidi,moga,odafa for balwant >>>> no BIg NO .. but CB done it 
  • Disagree. Look at the new breed of players Karim has been giving starts to in, Bagan this year - Pankaj Moula, Ram Malik, Preetam , Souvik. Guys like Aibor have made it to Indian team after he came over to Bagan with Karim. Zakeer has had a good year under Karim's tutelage. Sabeeth has been given enough opportunity for the last almost 2 years by Karim, only to flounder at crunch times - no one can blame the coach for that. To Karim's credit, I think his strike rate in terms of developing youngsters is unmatched in India. 

    Regarding Armando, he joined EB at a WRONG time - in the first place, he should have never taken up the assignment midway thru the season - especialy since he is such a process oriented coach. The earlier coach (Falopa) sort of muffed it up completely in the begining of the season and EB management brought in Armando  - thinking he can create magic! A coach can never create magic. Despite that, to Armando's credit he has been giving start to Len, Akshay Das, Subodh Kumar - none of whom could get opportunity earlier. Actually the EB team is in complete disarray after the departure of TJM - with all non performing players trying to corner the coach to save their ass. Thats what happens, when the students take over the reigns from a tutor - feel sorry for Armando - a man who has unparallel credentials as coach. He is extremely frustrated.  
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    @soccerlover. Atleast that one whimsical person at CB had the guts to bring a bench player from Salgcr and start with him. Atleast that one whimsical person has the guts to try out new foreigners unlike some others who stick to the same shit and always prey on others players.
  • @soccerlover. Atleast that one whimsical person at CB had the guts to bring a bench player from Salgcr and start with him. Atleast that one whimsical person has the guts to try out new foreigners unlike some others who stick to the same shit and always prey on others players.
    Hey c'mon..dont be kiddish! Show me any team , who sacks a I - League winning Coach/TD for the next season(and am not saying midway thru the season) to get a grandfather (Sukhwinder Singh!), only to remove him after few losses and falls back on Subhash Bhowmick to save his ass and also that of the club!  Probably u r not aware how choosy and methodical Bhwomick is, in terms of signing foreign players and the kind of homework he does before he actually signs someone. Dont tell me , it was Alemao who had been instrumental in signing some of the finest foreigners of CB in the recent - and if it was so, he definitely wouldn't have signed up Sukhi...!
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    @soccerlover. Bhowmick was demanding a budget that was out of reach at the start of this season and hence they decided to part ways. And if Bhowmick is so methodical in signing players than what happened to Yasser Shaheen and Naseer Al Sebai. They were signed much after bhowmick took over.
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    CB has had some of the finest players over the year from Phillip Mensa,Edward Ansah, Ossumanu, Jose Martins, Yakubu, Odafa and recently Bilal. So definitely CB has somebody who is doing his homework well much before bhowmick arrived.
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    And to add woes clubs like mumbai tiger and img-r spoil the carrer of player by signing them and walk out when they r abt 2 play.
  • @Ashlesh - It is you who think Bengal clubs are spoiling players' career. Fact is , all established/budding players who switches over to Kolkata, has completely opposite thing to say about Kolkata football. Its only those talented players, who flatter to decieve after they come over in kolkata and cannot perform under pressure talks shit. 

    Assuming u r right - what then would be ur assessment about Dika/Noaba Singh/Robert/Vashum/Rowilson/Aibor/Khabra/Arnab? Also how come Goa's very own Alvito D'Cunha played with distinction in kolkata for more than a decade if kolkata clubs have the dubious distinction of screweing up one's career. Ask Arindam Bhattacharya - he played(very few games) for 1 season in Bagan last year -  got himself a BMW and nothing else - with no notable performance! He is now gone into oblivion! So, u think Bagan screwed him ? He could not perform - Simple!

    Talking abt Baljit Sahni - he got enuf opportunity last year and he proved himself in patches - A Juan Mata who performed so well last year in Chelsea, didnot get a start this year and came over the Man U. Going by your logic - both Morinho and Chelsea have screwed up his career then! If u do not fit into the scheme of things/ur performance has dipped - no coach would play you.

    Regarding - Sabeeth - i can tell u for sure, that since he is in Bagan and b'coz Karim has been there, he got ample opportunities , which he would not have got in any club. At this tender age he is not even 50% hard working as a 40yr old Yakubu and hence he is almost finished!

    Joaqim didnot even get any clubs in Goa, so came over to Kolkata this year. So, how do u attribute this moving of him to his performance - or rather non performance! ?
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    And instead of blaming mahindra utd. And jct we shud be thankful that even incuring loss they gave gud no. F years to league..but wen water goes above the head they disbanded....but mumbai tiger is clumsy they didnt even give a try for 1 season...
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    Joaqum abranches didn't get any club? I thought he performed well last year by scoring 6 goals.
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