2013-14 I-League Round 25 : Relegation battle intensifies



  • archakarchak 2082 Points
    edited April 2014
    But mohun bagan didnt win NFL in their first attempt.
  • AKBAKB Kolkata3039 Points

    @ Rudra

    You are right.

    Bengaluru will be remembered as the 3rd. team to have won on Debut and of course with a rider..

    " in their 1st year of inception".


    If Royal Wahingdo wins the I-League next year will you say they have not won on Debut ??? It is NFL proper or I-League proper which is important.

  • archakarchak 2082 Points
    Well according to the records on aiff of the 1st nfl mb were relegated* champs in the 2nd nfl
  • AKBAKB Kolkata3039 Points

    Mohun Bagan relegated from what and relegated to what ?? FYI Mohun Bagan along with some other teams did not qualify for the NFL proper. Relegation doesn't apply here. Relegated to which Division ?? AIFF decided to have a qualifier for the NFL and some teams qualified and some didn't. It is as simple as this.

  • rudrarudra 2958 Points
    Spare us on the record books. Please consult Novy Kapadia
  • AKBAKB Kolkata3039 Points

    @ rudra

    Good Joke !!! Novy Kapadia the Stone Age Commentator !!! Next year I-League may be telecast by Star Group and we will have better quality pictures and surely no Novy !!!

    As far as the Record Book is concerned... Full Stop Mate.

  • shakkeerKMshakkeerKM 1324 Points
    edited April 2014
    Ten Action is the broadcaster for next year also,once contract with Ten ends.it is likely to be Neo Sports next broadcaster
  • goalkeepargoalkeepar Turkish occupied Cyprus29331 Points
    Ten have contact till 2014-15 season. They will broadcast more matches next season i think
  • AKBAKB Kolkata3039 Points
    edited April 2014

    Oh my God !! It means Novy the "Stone Age man" again. There is no respite from him. Ten is totally unprofessional and these 2 guys Novy & Pre Kumar just sit in the studio and talk rubbish. It is unacceptable that Ten can't provide on field commentators.

    AIFF talk about professionalism, club licencing.. so on, what about them getting a little.. I repeat little bit professional. Now the funny thing of Salgaocar's points deduction being reviewed.

    MSC have a valid point in asking for same kick off date & time as of Churchill match. But how all these points are overlooked by AIFF since they now have 2 paid jokers at the helm of I-League?

  • ArsenalFan700ArsenalFan700 Reddit13655 Points
    I dont know about you guys but I thought TEN Action coverage was pretty good yesterday for the Bengaluru FC game. Half-time show, a second commentator. Sure, they can do a lot more but compared to what I see in the states sometimes, this was actually a bit better.
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