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    Ifn changed a lot no one cares about i league clubs any more
    It's under control of FSDL now-a-days, you see ISL thread was made 1 month before ISL but I League thread is still not made.
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    Full video of the game

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    Is there a thread for Santosh Trophy 2022 ??? 
  • The draw ceremony for the final rounds of the National Football Championship for the 76th Hero Santosh Trophy took place at the Federation’s headquarters, the Football House, on Thursday, January 19, 2023. 

    The final rounds will be played in Odisha from February 10-20, 2023. The semi-finals, third-place playoff and the final of the tournament will be played in Saudi Arabia.

    GROUP A: Kerala, Goa, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Odisha, Group VI Winner


    February 10: Goa vs Kerala

                               Maharashtra vs Odisha

                               Winner Group VI vs Karnataka

    February 12:   Kerala vs Karnataka

                             Winner Group VI vs Maharashtra

                              Goa vs Odisha

    February 14:   Karnataka vs Goa

                              Odisha vs Winner Group VI

                             Kerala vs Maharashtra

    February 17:    Maharashtra vs Karnataka

                              Odisha vs Kerala

                              Winner Group VI vs Goa

    February 19:    Karnataka vs Odisha

                              Goa vs Maharashtra

                              Kerala vs Winner Group VI

    GROUP B: Bengal, Meghalaya, Delhi, Services, Railways, Group II/VI Runners-up


    February 11:  Delhi vs Bengal

                                 Runners Up Group II/VI vs Railways

                                  Meghalaya vs Services

    February 13:   Bengal vs Services

                              Meghalaya vs Runners Up Group II/VI

                              Delhi vs Railways

    February 15:   Services vs Delhi

                               Railways vs Meghalaya

                              Bengal vs Runners Up Group II/VI

    February 18:    Runners Up Group II/VI vs Services

                               Railways vs Bengal

                               Meghalaya vs Delhi

    February 20:   Services vs Railways

                              Delhi vs Runners Up Group II/VI

                              Bengal vs Meghalaya

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    Women's CFL 2022-23 SFs

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