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    Dude, you're just being a pessimist here. Listen, fine, we do not have a player like Lugano... Lugano is already to good for League One and he is only there because Tottenham released him. Lugano is a Premier League/Championship quality player... India does not have that but we have League One quality players.

    Sandesh Jhingan for example I believe could probably last at that level if given a couple seasons. Sunil Chhetri in his current form could possibly get on the bench at a few lower mid-table League One clubs... I am serious about that by the way. Gurpreet Singh Sandhu, sitting on the bench in the Norwegian First Division could probably get a game or two in League One.

    Sure, so it maybe true that only a couple of our top players can get into League One but look, it will happen as the ISL and I-League get their shit together... just remain optimistic!
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    UAE and China look like most improved teams this time in AFC Asia Cup. Normally we will not expect them to pass the Group Stage.
    The draw is tailormade for Australia to reach Finals. They will not face South Korea or Japan in knockout till Finals. Those two teams are the only ones capable of beating Australia at home.
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    Australia face South Korea in their next game. Also, Iran can beat Australia.
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    Actually he is linked with move to Coventry city Rohan he no premiere league quality

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    Wait, when the hell was he linked with Coventry City? Your just making things up now. Maybe I should have been clearer instead of saying he is Premier League quality, I meant that he will be one day... not top, top Prem but mid to lower tier... the guy is already being called one of the best players Swindon Town have seen play in years!
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    Lets see were our Indians end

    But I still think league 1 is very faar
    May be league 2

  • mohammed_87hassanmohammed_87hassan Sumeet Passin FC Jupiter10454 Points
    But Gurpreet is different story
    Want to see him in there 1st team soon

    Has that Ivorian left that club
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    @ArsenalFan700 Australia-South Korea next game is not Knockout. Both teams already reached next round. I dont think that Iran can beat Australia in Australia. Many years ago they did it for 1998 World Cup qualifiers but that team had legendary Germany based players like Ali Daei, Bagheri, Azizi.
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    @munna219777 I am not sure. Australia have been great so far but Iran, on their day, could probably do Australia a number. It will be close game, especially since both teams have the best support at the Asian Cup.
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    My team I am rooting for is China and 2nd is Saudi Arabia. Qatar was another and I can tell you why they fucked up.

    OK, here's the deal. Qatar's biggest problem is introducing foreigners (usually Africans) and messing up the chemistry. In the Gulf Cup, they won but that as because they had an awesome defense and their didn't even win a game and squeeked on by. 

    Then, in the Asian Cup, Belmadi (Qatar's coach) decided to introduce 2 new africans into not only the team but the XI. It is commonly believed that since Belmadi won the Gulf Cup and WAFF Championship in 2014, that he was pressured by the QFA to do this.

    Anyway, this means that 2 players had to leave the XI. In the first game, Boualem Khoukhi was introduced in the 68th minute. Far too much to do anything. Ali Asad (his partner) wasn't in the 1st game either. Both players were cruicial to winning the 2014 WAFF Champinship in January 2014. But Belmadi said no... we'll play you seperately and instead put 2 new Africasn into the XI.

    Then, after the 1st game, the second XI featured both new Africans and their best star defender (Bilal Mohammed) out with injury and argubualy their best Qatari player ever (true Qatar) Khalfan Ibrahim on bench. Khoukhi played but stil... without Ali Asad.

    Then, the Qatari goalkeeper? Yeah, he's shit. Qassem Burhan played 3 games before the Asian Cup. He played with Al-Gharafa in the QSL and lost all 3 games.

    Al-Arabi 2-1 Al-Gharafa
    Umm Salal 4-3 Al-Gharafa
    Al-Wakrah 6-1 Al-Gharafa

    Whoa, where did that 6-1 game come from?? Qassem was in goal?? Yes. And guess what? Al-Wakrah was on a LOSING streak and hadn't won a game in a LOOONG time AND hadn't scored 6 goal in god knows when.

    Now.. back to the ASian Cup. After Qatar were knocked out, a reporter (Paul Brown) asked why Qassem started in both games after 3 QSL games that went very wrong. Djamel said he did not discuss player selections.

    Damn shame.

    Qatar had the players. Boualem Khoukhi, Ali Assadalla, Hassan Al-Hydos, Saad Al-Sheeb (The BEST GK), Abuldaziz Hatem and more. These were players who won the 2014 WAFF (except Saad Al-Sheeb) and yet... were barely touched (except Al-Hydos who played both Asian Cup games).

    Now.. another thing, if Djamel was going to introduce the Qatar senior squad two new players.. why not 2 players from the winning squad of the 2014 AFC U19 Championship?? Sigh.

    Essentially.. Qatar screwed themselves over. Had the players. Screwed up.
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