AFC head Mohamed Bin Hammam to stand for FIFA presidency

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Mohamed Bin Hammam has strongly suggested he will challenge to become the next president of Fifa in May, which will put him in direct competition with current encumbant Sepp Blatter.

Blatter has been in charge at Fifa for 13 years but is likely to face a tough battle with a man who is head of the Asian Football Confederation, has been on the Fifa Executive Committee for 15 years and is chairman of the organisation's Goal Bureau, which provides funds for countries across the world.

Bin Hammam told The Guardian: "People have to try change, change is good.

"Within 10 days I will formally declare whether I will stand or not."

The Qatari then went into detail as to his potential policies: "I would call for more transparency in Fifa, to widen the decision-making base and bodies within Fifa.

"I'd engage stakeholders more and give them a real platform to express their wishes. We cannot ignore the clubs. We should respect the clubs, and it is for the clubs also to respect the member associations."

The improved integration with clubs has been an initiative championed by Michel Platini as president of Uefa, and Bin Hammam admits that he too would be an excellent Fifa candidate, and would have his support.

He went on: "I would 100% support someone else.

"I have not spoken to Michel Platini for a long time but I told him that if he runs he'd have my full support. That remains the case."

One question mark that hangs over the potential candadacy of the head of Asian football is his perception in Europe, and he recognises this as something he will need to address.

He continued: "I am happy with [perceptions in] most confederations but I don't know about Europe and how they will deal with my candidacy," he said.

"Europe is the core of football. I would like now to make a real assessment in Europe. I have not declared myself as a candidate; maybe [upon doing so] it will be easier to see the response then.

"I will go to the Paris Congress of Uefa [on 20 March] and I will already have declared my candidacy or otherwise."

It has been reported in recent days that the English FA have backed Bin Hammam's candidacy, which he was delighted about, saying: "The FA declaration is very encouraging."

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