The second innings of Stephen Constantine



  • G_KG_K Kerala4353 Points
    Stephen Constantine joined Cypriot top tier club Pafos FC as Head of Sporting Operations.

  • G_KG_K Kerala4353 Points
    Stephen Constantine takes up the role of Head Coach of Pafos FC.
  • The former India coach is all set to come out of his self-imposed exile and is keen on coaching an ISL side. The ISL season gets underway in November this year. The biggest change which has not happened so far is that the Indian coaches have not reached a level which an ISL club would want them to. Stephen brings vast international experience, having managed 6 national teams and several clubs in 4 continents over the last 25 years. The national teams included Nepal, lndia, Malawi, Sudan, Rwanda and India for the second time. A fortnight later, Constantine nearly teared up at the media conference while announcing his resignation after India exited from the 2019 Asian Cup. After winning 24 of the 43 games, Constantine left his third home after England and Cyprus. I have some players of Indian origin who wants to play for India. But this idea is not a long term solution. It is just a temporary solution. 
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  • G_KG_K Kerala4353 Points
    Pafos FC this season

    before Stephen Constantine took charge:
    6 wins, 7 draws (25 points) in 22 games

    after Stephen Constantine took charge:
    12 wins, 2 draws (38 points) in 18 games
  • ChelseafanChelseafan Allahabad1228 Points
    What would I give to have Consti back as India's coach! If he had been the coach during this WCQ, who knows, we could have qualified for next round as 2nd placed team! 
    dev_pfcrathorevarun4 munna219777indian_goonergaffertapeSoham_DeAbhishek
  • RonnyRonny 8895 Points
    Yeah right? Thanks to him we finished last in a group that had Turkmenistan and Guam. 2nd place lol. It's obvious time heals all wounds 😂
    munna219777indian_goonerSanjeev Biswaskartik91spartaPassigaffertapeashindiaSoham_De
  • NagendraNagendra Rajahmundry, A.P5519 Points

    stats always don't speak truth. In those 18 games, 17 games are against the sides which finished below Pafos FC in standings ( 14 games in Relegation phase) & 1 game against AEL in regular season and he lost it.
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    We need to stop living in the past. Thank him for whatever he has done. Time to move on. 
    Sanjeev Biswasgaffertapeindian_goonerPassimunna219777RonnyashindiagiridharangoalkeeparAbhishekand 2 others.
  • Exactly, even a few days back, many people on Twitter and YouTube said Stephen was better and we would have had 6-7 points by now. But they forget that we lost to a lowly Guam and were last in our group. No, I don't like what Stimac is doing but I seriously doubt if we would have been any better with Stephen at the helm. Even the players went against Stephen at one point so plz stop talking about him here and let's move on.
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