I-League to be renamed !



  • indian football league or IFL
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  • Liga Indiano
    we are not italianos or spaniardoss.... lols
  • there is no meaning in just changing the name to indian football league or indian premier league unless the current league strucure is changed from the top to the bottom......we can have huge fan following if we have a new looking city based clubs league system, only one from each city(can add one more club with the growing popularity) with wealthy sponosrs who can pay their players big and attract few icon players(mostly world cup finalists) to the club......!! and for that, we need to change, the current clubs need to step bak and that includes all the community based clubs like east bengal, mohun bagan, mohamaden,etc and also the sole trade company based clubs like dempo, churchill, salgaocar, Prayag and chirag united,....HAL and Air India don't even deserves to play anywhere near a national league level being the private or institutional clubs......the new league can hav few top cities of country like kolkata, goa, mumbai, pune, delhi, punjab, kochi, bangalore, shillong and sikkim....and as the league grows with growing popularity, we can further increase the clubs from chennai, hyderabad, manipur, kashmir, and anywhere required provided they fullfill the fifa criteria to be eligible to play in the national league levels.....!!
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