2015-16 Arsenal FC season



  • They are all same. There is a banter between many Brazil players and Costa. Also I would say that Referee and Linesman should keep an eye on the antics of Costa, Suarez. Everybody knows their reputation. I like Costa because physically you just cant dominate him. You push him, trip him, you will get more with interest.
  • ArsenalFan700ArsenalFan700 Reddit13655 Points
    Fuck Costa... man could be in a jail and I would not care.
  • goalkeepargoalkeepar Turkish occupied Cyprus29157 Points
    Costa is Shit ,age fraud and a traitor he should go to jail.
  • The real AGThe real AG 3323 Points
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    Everybody knew what Costa was going to do, so why weren't the Arsenal players wise to his little games? Gabriel was naive, but as soon as he got the first yellow, one of his teammates should have told him to calm down and taken him away from Costa.

    Costa remains the dirtiest player in the PL and he has the right manager and the right club to tolerate all this. Mike Dean was stupid, and his performance is yet another reminder of the dropping standards of refereeing in England, and mind you he is considered the best referee in England now and will officiate a lot of the big games. What Mourinho says will be to mislead everyone from the original culprit in all this - Costa. 

    IMO if yellow cards are being handed out for diving and now feigning injury, both events treated as bringing the game into disrepute, then why cannot antagonizing  the opponents like Costa does be worthy of at least a yellow? One thing is for sure though, the referees have been given yet another reminder of the things Costa brings into the game and they will be on alert now whenever he plays. I see a red card/ban looming soon enough for the yard dog that is Costa.
  • I can't digest that chelshit wins. I want them to see them in bottom half of the table.
  • @The real AG... Earlier its was Fergie that could get away with stuff, now looks like Mourinho is the successor, referess dont want to tangle with him i suppose.. compared to them wenger is a softie
  • we loose to Olympiakos!!...  whats gong on with d Team and Arsene Wenger Team selection/Set up.. there is a possibility we might not even get through the next round having to face Bayern...

    but very glad Chelsea lost  with Porto and ManCity lost against tottenham..
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    The problem with EPL teams in recent years is that they try to give 100% in EPL but not same in champions league or Europa.. I read in an article that EPL teams performance is so poor that they are at risk of losing 4th spot in CL to Serie A
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    The problem is that I hate this culture of people loving "upsets". It seems like Arsenal never does well in a game where the commentator mentions the "possibility of an upset". Like, what the hell! And then the internet lords laugh.

    Of course shankar is right. Someone said it best on reddit, a lot of English teams lack a proper core like the Manchester United 90s core or Arsenal's from the early 2000s. None of them are like that anymore.
  • The real AGThe real AG 3323 Points
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    It's nonsense to suggest that the English teams are not playing at a 100% in Europe, especially in the CL. For almost every player, the CL is the main stage, and it is where they want to be seen playing. I agree that English teams in the Europa league should give it a bit more respect like the other continental sides do. 

    There is a very strong possibility of England losing their 4th CL spot if one of the English sides fails to qualify from the group, and right now, Arsenal are struggling. England's UEFA coefficient keeps dropping and if this continues, they will lose the 4th place. I am not so sure it will be the Serie A that will be getting the 4th spot, but I think it maybe the Bundesliga.
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