2015-16 I-League Round 2: The New Boys of Pune



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    My best experience in stadium as MFC fan

    Yesterday when I was informed that there could be a march at 5:30 from church gate.. I thought that as match was at 7.. I expected it to be starting by 6 but came to know these guys follow IST and not indian time of (+20-30 mins) which our IFN also follows..

    So reached stadium at around 6:15 expecting to get ticket in the block which was mentioned by supporters club - West block F- and to my surprise all tickets were sold.. I was surprised and never had to hear that ticket is sold for a stand.. thankfully my friend had one extra which was cancelled I guess because of liv vs utd match...

    We get in expecting to sit comfortably and watch match silently as I used to do in last season except for goals.. another shock.. these people has few flags and a banner.. There were people of all age in stands from few kids, then age group teams of MFC then few families and we 20-25 people who came as part of supporters club.. covering all demography in one stand.

    I saw the group warming up with few chants which I guess they were creating in a Whatsapp group which sounded exciting to me... Though most of them were rusty but still catchy for me to get into the mood. The match started with Mumbai FC chant in slightly different way I guess it is from EPL..

    Match started and in first half it was pretty much Mumbai and with Mumbai dominating I was expecting some chant which shall tease EB fans across and was not disappointed which was my favourite chant as well.. "Rasgolla pe baari kaun? vada pav! vada pav!". I could see few EB fans laughing at those chants..

    There were few chants for each players from MFC which were pretty basic but was a great feel to chant for a player when he do something good on the field... but away players had some reserved too which were pretty harsh and lame at times for player but was fun.. mainly Sanju and Khabra were the ones who got most noise in the crowd.
    I felt bad for one guy EB goalie with pink jersey.. he was made fun of for non footballing reason which was also not in his hand.. the jersey colour..

    Overall, it was an experience which I expected to have as a home fan and I had it finally this year..
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    "then age group teams of MFC then few families"

    This makes me soooooo happy :smiley: 
  • Is there a full Tv schedule of I-League available ?
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