2015-16 I-League Round 3: The Kolkata Derby



  • BrainFallINDIABrainFallINDIA India7021 Points
    We all know it was AIFF who wanted DSK in the first division not the other way around
    And what merits do they don't have which minerva or fateh possess ?
    SCG is the best example we've got when it comes to ticket paying fans :P
  • gaffertapegaffertape 13021 Points
    BFC were direct entry...they won in year 1 
    2nd in year 2

    If they don't finish top 3 in year 3 ...they too will fold...

    No practice ground or stadium as promised. ..

    So in fact have contributed less to Indian football than DSK ...who at least can host the National team camps..
  • reddevil87reddevil87 1858 Points
    edited January 2016
    I dont understand the logic of some IFN members. Why are we so harsh on any team who are coming last or not performing? Whats with the fascination of a new team winning the league? In I-league it is DSK and in I-league 2 it is Fateh Hyderabad FC. It is known all over the world that you cant be a title contender in first season. BFC was an exception but not all cases are exception.
    Yes Bharat FC was a disaster. They could not perform well on field and off field too. But DSK has been there for some time but not in senior circuit. Lets give them time. We fans as a well wishers should be patient enough before we become harsh on them. Same is with Fateh Hyderabad FC. 
  • munna219777munna219777 27758 Points
    edited January 2016
    @reddevil87 @BrainFallINDIA ;  It is not about harsh on team which comes last. I am more concerned about backdoor entry or planted teams which are brought into First Division and then they just vanish. If the team is so good, why cant they compete in 2nd Division and qualify on Merit? One needs to compete in JEE to get into IIT or CAT to get into IIM. Same way there should be Merit check, 2nd Division qualification process to get into I-League. If they cannot even make an effort for 2nd Division, they will not perform well in First Division also as hard work is not there, merit is not there.
    About Practice facilities, well just having a good Study Room doesnt mean a student is Brilliant and will get into IIT. Since when in Professional Football having a Good Academy becomes a passport of First Division direct entry and no relegation? Will ISL give a second slot to Pune because of DSK facilities? Times of India will give example of empty stands of DSK games as a case for closing down of I-League.
    After Dodsal FC and Bharat FC, this is the third team from Pune claiming direct entry. If it finish last like what Bharat FC did to Dempo last year, the team coming second last will be relegated and then DSK wil also close the shop. So we are two club short in the I-league. Then another backdoor team from Pune will come and same cycle will start again.

    By the way, Respect for Pune FC who qualified on Merit thru 2nd Division and did well in many seasons at I-league.
  • atuljgatuljg Trivandrum3984 Points
    I agree with Munna. Only those teams who win the second division should be allowed into first division. AIFF is just hoping that some other club will also repeat what BFC did but they're making a mistake if they continue to promote this. 

    So far,  Bharat FC, Dodsal have failed and BFC is the only success. DSK has physical infrastructure unlike any of the other 3 and so might succeed. 

    A better structuring and induction of more teams must be done for the second division. 
  • atuljgatuljg Trivandrum3984 Points
    U18 players do turnout for the senior team in European leagues.  Is there any I league rule preventing Zuala from turning out for DSK in I league? 
  • munna219777munna219777 27758 Points
    Maybe they are grooming their Junior players like Zuala for some big offer from ISL or I-League club? A foreign training stint will increase the value. This is what will make money for them.
  • EastBengalPrideEastBengalPride India8966 Points
    Guys, do post live streaming links for the derby today. 
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