India at Tokyo 2020: A Roadmap



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    I'm not finding time... will be delayed by 3 more days... In worst case , I will skip Rio performance analysis and will start with road map to 2020 Olympics.
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    Corporate Takeover of Indian Sports in the name of Tax Savings. Get ready for Hype and more failure in 2020 Olympics. They still did not understand that these Corporates along with their tax fraud Dalaals like Olympic Gold Quest have reduced medals from 6 to 2. More Humiliation in 4 years?

  • @Bad How is Womens Boxing scenario with respect to future games like Tokyo 2020 and also Asian/Commonwealth Games in 2018. Surely Marykom will not feature there. But we have two promising Women Boxers Nikhat Zareen and Sonia Lather. I am not sure about their weight categories but you think they have a chance at being a medal contender in future? Both of them did well in World Championships.
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    Sure yes.Both of them are quality Boxers.Nikhat is in 54 kg and Sonia is in 57kg category.Since,these are not Olympics category,they will have to shift their category to 51 kg and 60kg ideally which isn't very tough.Mary and Sarita wouldn't be participating so it will be interesting what Indian competition they face from other boxer's who already are their in these categories.These two no doubt have the capacity but it also depends on the existing competition.
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    Gold Medal in Rio Paralympics boosted me.I'm going to start with Road map to Tokyo Olympics (Mostly today)... :) :wink: 

  • @Bad How are the weight categories for Womens Boxing in coming Asian Games and Commonwealth Games? Same like Olympics or they will have 54 and 57 kilos category ?
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    To do good in Tokyo Olympics:

    1. Government should budget on sports.
    a) Mostly needs to concentrate on sports which we are good. May be govt can consider  performance our Participants in last 2 Olympics..
    Need to allot extra money (budget) for Top performing states in each zone.
    c) Need to allot extra money (budget) for Top performing athletes in each zone.
    d) Government should offer Land Colleges (If possible Play grounds). In worst case, government should allot common play grounds for colleges and colleges can use them on shift bases.. 

    2. Inter College Sports

    a) Inter College meets should be at national level (Not aware of current situation). As far as I know, it's only at state level and too only few colleges will compete..
    b) Governments/Federations(Both Central & State) needs to mandate rules so that all colleges will participate in sports
    c) Colleges should encourage students to play sports on weekly basis.. If possible daily basis..
    d) Grades or Marks should be awarded to sports. Each & every student should at-least choose one sport(in-door/out-door,track & field).
    e) Need to create a pool from each state who are doing good in sports.... In case of budget constraints, Olympic related sports should be given top priority...

    3. International Exposure and/or competitions for 
    Junior or Youth Athletes
    International exposure is required on regular basis
    b) International competitions are needed for Junior or Youth Athletes (at-least once in a year)
    Federations should not be relying only on Youth Olympics and/or World youth or Asian youth championships.. Instead, we need to send our athletes on regular basis to invitational competitions..
    d) Governments should support federations to conduct invitational competitions and countries from all continents should be invited.. 

    To do good in Longer run ( All future Olympics):
    4. Youth Olympics , World Youth Championships & Asian Youth Championships and/or games..
    a) We need to host all these... and need to start with Asian competitions, followed by World Youth Championships & then Youth Olympics
    b) Federations need to mold all the top performers ( Special focus should be on Podium finishers)
    c) Irrespective of performance in not so familiar (top) sports/events in India (Like Basketball,Baseball/Softball), all good athletes/participants needs to be streamlined into senior team

  • NagendraNagendra Rajahmundry, A.P6501 Points
    Will share few more details by next weekend.. This is just a start... So shared it in a high level.. 
  • Some good points by @Nagendra

    Governments should support federations to conduct invitational competitions and countries from all continents should be invited..

     The problem is that both Government and the Federations are under the control and pressure of corporates and their  agents like this Olympic Dabba Quest. They will not let them organise proper sports events other then IPL type leagues where one old unfit semi-retired competes with other old unfit semi retired. Nothing will happen unless they clear Indian sports from such people. Wrestling IPL winners cannot even make a single move in actual Olympics but journalists like Boria Majumdar will hype - Only Gold, Nothing else.

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