Al-Wehdat SC vs Bengaluru FC :- ACL Preliminary round 2.



  • NaujawanNaujawan 1592 Points
    It was so disappointing to see BFC . Udanta beats a guy and with acres of space Infront hesitates to make a run, as if he was told not to neglect his defensive duties and provide early crosses. 

    Amrinders arms weren't at full stretch if you notice, shouIdnt that be the case? I might be wrong because I don't know much about goalkeeping.

    The Norales decision was retarded. Okay fine he isn't a no 9, so what is he? Why not make him play where he is comfortable.

    gaffertapedeepak dedhadeepakc
  • MaddieMaddie ಮೈಸೂರು(Mysuru) / Canada2897 Points
    I doubt the skill of Pajji when 1 on 1 situation , I haven't see any goalie going back towards post in that situation which will open up lot of options to the striker. I was afraid so much last day.. 
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