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One of our best players. I think he got much less recognization than deserved. Here, a video, do see the goal at 1:40 - absolute gem -



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    Have to agree with Rudra that he should have been given more recognisition
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    Indian football: Former captain IM Vijayan recommended by AIFF for Padma Shri award

    The All India Football Federation on Wednesday recommended former captain IM Vijayan for Padma Shri, the country’s fourth highest civilian award.

    The 51-year-old, who scored 40 goals in 79 international matches, was bestowed the Arjuna award in 2003. He was also awarded the Indian Player of the Year in 1993, 1997 and 1999.

    AIFF general secretary Kushal Das confirmed to PTI that Vijayan’s name was sent to the Ministry of Home Affairs. Six Indian footballers – Sailen Manna (1971), Chuni Goswami (1983), PK Banerjee (1990), Bhaichung Bhutia (2008), Sunil Chhetri (2019) and Bembem Devi (2020) – have earlier won the Padma Shri.

    “I am happy that I have been recommended for the Padma Shri and I thank the AIFF for that. I will be happier if I get the award,” Vijayan said from his home in Kerala. “I have served Indian football to the best of my abilities and I have no regrets,” he added.

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    What has IMV done for winning Padma Shree? For his achievements in football, he has already been awarded Arjuna award. 
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    This is one of those things which I find most intriguing on this forum.

    @EastBengalPride, you have every right to disagree with my views/comments but the above post is not my opinion or view. Have I said anywhere that I agree with the recommendation of the AIFF or that his contribution to football deserves a Padma Shri? You evidently disagree with the AIFF recommending IM Vijayan for the award...fair enough but I would say that doesn't justify "disliking" my post. The very purpose of posting such news articles is to create a discussion/debate about issues related to Indian football, isn't it?

    "What has IMV done for winning Padma Shree? For his achievements in football, he has already been awarded Arjuna award."

    You seem to imply that the Padma Shri is not awarded for achievements in football/sports. But check this from the Padma Awards (Ministry of Home Affairs) website



    Padma Awards, which were instituted in the year 1954, is announced every year on the occasion of Republic Day except for brief interruption(s) during the years 1978 and 1979 and 1993 to 1997.

    The award is given in three categories, namely,

    • Padma Vibhushan for exceptional and distinguished service;
    • Padma Bhushan for distinguished service of a high order; and
    • Padma Shri for distinguished service.

    All persons without distinction of race, occupation, position or sex are eligible for these awards. However, Government servants including those working with PSUs, except doctors and scientists, are not eligible for these Awards.

    The award seeks to recognize works of distinction and is given for distinguished and exceptional achievements/service in all fields of activities/disciplines. An illustrative list of the fields is as under:

    • Art (includes Music, Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Cinema, Theatre etc.)
    • Social work (includes social service, charitable service, contribution in community projects etc.)
    • Public Affairs (includes Law, Public Life, Politics etc.)
    • Science & Engineering (includes Space Engineering, Nuclear Science, Information Technology, Research & Development in Science & its allied subjects etc.)
    • Trade & Industry (includes Banking, Economic Activities, Management, Promotion of Tourism, Business etc.)
    • Medicine (includes medical research, distinction/specialization in Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Sidhha, Allopathy, Naturopathy etc.)
    • Literature & Education (includes Journalism, Teaching, Book composing, Literature, Poetry, Promotion of education, Promotion of literacy, Education Reforms etc.)
    • Civil Service (includes distinction/excellence in administration etc. by Government Servants)
    • Sports (includes popular Sports, Athletics, Adventure, Mountaineering, promotion of sports, Yoga etc.)
    • Others (fields not covered above and may include propagation of Indian Culture, protection of Human Rights, Wild Life protection/conservation etc.)

    Of course, whether you consider Vijayan's achievements a "distinguished and exceptional achievement" is another matter

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    thanks for the explanation bro.. I'm about to respond to EastBengalPride

    but why are you worried for 1 dislike :) ...  Going through your proflie..  11.7K  likes vs 129 Dislike
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    Not worried about my particular fact, if there is a dislike (or like for that matter) it means that the certain post has been read by members. It has happened to other members too.

    I first broached this topic when members disliked a post by @debarghya89 related to Miku...I had explained that everyone is welcome to criticize/dislike Miku but Debarghya had never stated that he supported Miku, so why dislike his comment...I remember that though some members supported my point, two people, @EastBengalPride and @shubham_northeastern disliked it without stating any reason why they did so...this trend continued even after that with me and other people. so I tried to put forth my point of view again.

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    To put it baldly, some "posts" are simply that--Posts: articles etc posted from newspapers, social media without any commentative baggage by the member posting it. If we differ from the views expressed in these articles, we can simply do so in a subsequent post without posting a dislike. Other are views/opinions of members which carry a value judgment and can, of course be liked, disliked etc.
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    First episode of a three-part interview with I.M. Vijayan by Manorama. (Malayalam with English subtitles)

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    @thebeautifulgame is right, people should be a little judicious to give likes or dislikes to a news item. One gives dislike to a news item, but the dislike goes in the account of the person who brings the news.
    Unless we have a different category of  posts where you can only post links with some explanatory notes (which readers cannot like/dislike, but enter into discussions subsequently), we have to be less trigger happy with our emotions so as not to hurt the messenger.

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    Alcoholics like IM Vijayan getting Padmashree is disgraceful. Post his football career what has he done for the game? 
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