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    @Deb_Ban AIFF has sold its soul to Aunty & co, so you can't expect anything logical in their doings. Even they are not advertising for new teams as they have not received green signal from Aunty. More we discuss....more we get frustrated....what to do ? But I firmly believe too much of anything ultimately kicks you back. This may happen here but when ??
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    Some of the so called "Top" footballers may remain unsold. They will then run to Mohun Bagan & EB but I would like the officials of these 2 clubs should not escalate their price & should not pay them more than 60% of their draft price. This coordination between the 2 Kolkata giants is a must for their own survival. But then officials of both these clubs are much more intelligent & have more football sense than normal followers like me.
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    If EB MB signs any unsold draft players, they must bind them in 3-5 year contracts with low wages. Else they can go play in 3rd division or go the holes they came out from.
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    Both Bengal clubs are at fault to
    inflate salaries and then don't pay players when they decide not to. No one stopped the Bengal clubs to offer contracts to players before they went to ISL draft.

    The fact players intend to take risk of getting lower or risk not being picked at all in ISL rather than accept an assured offer from both clubs.

     In fact both the clubs will arm twist players who go unselected in the draft on ridiculous lop sided contracts. Players will have no other choice but to accept it.

    Sounds like unnecessary  revenge on part of the clubs towards players just becos they didn't accept the contract
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    They could have invited all I-league clubs to draft and added all available pro footballers in draft to avoid this shit. There are deserving players who are not part of Draft . But Son of federation committee member who never played football make it to it. 
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    Don't spread false information about Kolkata clubs (I think you meant big 2) not paying their players full amount. Even during the days of acute shortage of funds Mohun Bagan paid their contracted players in full. I also believe EB have paid their contracted players in full as they didn't have sponsorship issues. 
    Shouvik Ghosh who hardly kicked a ball in last 3 I-Leagues, Balwant in 2015-16, Pronoy in 2016-17 were paid their contracted amount in full.
  • EastBengalPrideEastBengalPride India9297 Points
    Some half read people would comment all sorts of nonsense about EB MB. 
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    AIFF wants to induct two more teams in I-league aginst the wishes of IMG-R:


    IMG-R strongly opposed inclusion of new teams, saying that will 'complicate' the set up. Their dictat of 'no teams from ISL venues' is also being disregarded by AIFF, who want a team from Bengaluru (a team from Kerala is more or less a certainty).

    Unusual show of spine?

  • AKBAKB Kolkata3039 Points
    @Deb_Ban Mate.....let it become reality first, what game Aunty & co will play in next few days no body knows. 
    AIFF showing spine, but is the spine made of bone or sand remains to be seen.
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    Personally I would prefer teams from non-ISL centres, just to have a good spread in case of a lateral joining of the two leagues (unification) at a later date. And two new teams will make the total IL teams 10.

    I though wonder what AIFF would offer to the new bidders in terms of financial trade-off, apart from the obvious passion from the clubs' sides.
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