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There was an old thread where we used to discuss football life/Career of members. I tried searching but can't find any so starting this one. So members start telling us your stories doesn't matter if you were a player once or shitty as one. :p


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    Currently a football tournament going on in office (15 min per half, 6 per side , 3 teams in group:2 goes to next round)

    i played first match. We drew 0-0 
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    So starting with mine. I was introduced to the beautiful game of football almost 16 years ago when I was put into residential school campus when I was in 4th class. There was no formal coaching provided, I used to play everyday on muddy surface and this continued till 7th class. Only in 8th class was I introduced to coaching when my dad(works in State Bank of Hyderabad) joined me in summer camp in LB Stadium where I used to train under players from SBH team and some times with them. That's when I started improving my game and managed to get selected for Hyderabad U-16 team and then later on selected for AP U-17. During my college days I managed to play for Rangareddy U-19(District level) and after that my football career never managed to move ahead due to lack of opportunities. Now after almost gap of 4-5 years today I just play small sided games, even though I am nowhere near the player I was once I still manage to keep myself fit and play at least 3-4 times a week.
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    I was a weirdo of preferring Football instead of Cricket in a Cricket crazy city like Chennai. 

    Played for the school team as midfielder which had no PT teacher most of the times. Represented the school in the only year where we had the Coca Cola u-14 school championship and won 2 games and going out early.

    Was fortunate to have a stable team playing in local area competitions at the Beach which had Atleast a dedicated football field.

    Rest of my time in college was pretty tough as we couldn't have a stable setup and was always up against Cricket as the only physical activity.

    Like lakhs of others I couldn't achieve anything meaningful in the sport.
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    Then you were unemployed but 1 day you got a call from a unknown number. you revived it and at the end of the line it was Nita ji. she offered you job in football you were happy. then you joined hers ISL PR agency and lived happily ever after.
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    I wish I was paid money to do a PR agency work for ISL. I wouldn't have to waste my time reading your spam  bullshit each time.

    Btw how is your Anti ISL protest march going?
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    My turn! I was late to this game, I started playing football at the age of 10. Played at some Arsenal schools and also my school teams here in the US. When I was 14 I had a trial at my high school freshman team (first year team). In a scrimmage I was playing striker (my usual position). Our head coach was a goalkeeper since we only had 1 keeper... so I had to shoot at him. There was one play in which we had a 50/50 for the ball but he is a lot taller than my obviously and he clears the ball... I was mid-kick and kicked his leg hard. I didn't make the team lol

    A week later I went to a New York Red Bulls camp for a week. This is one of those camps that you found online and paid $120 for. I did it for a week and in the end they liked me enough to give me, and a few others, a trial with the Red Bulls RDS side. Now, for the Red Bulls, they had sections for their youth development program. Best was the Academy teams, below them, acting as a feeder for the Academy, was RDS, and then the camps and general scouting. I did very well my first season in the RDS and was offered a trial with the Red Bulls U16 Academy side. I played a scrimmage against guys like Juan Agudelo, Matt Miazga, Derrick Etienne and they killed me! I was no match and did not make the team. I had a trial again the next year and didn't make it. I then trialed with the U18 side and didn't make it and again the year after and finally I said fuck it, and hung up my boots.

    Now I play club soccer for my college. I also referee our school intramural league. I went back to the Red Bulls to work for them earlier this year, hated it, and now work in New York City outside of football but will want to go back into it soon but in a management way, not journalism.

    Oh, I also got fat after "retiring" and lost all my weight (went from 170 to 230 and then from 230 to 140 this year and now I am 170 again)
  • 230 to 140. That's a great feat. 
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    Thanks. It took a few years. I went from 230 to 190 my first year in college, went to 210 over the summer, then went back to 190 over my second year first semester, went back to 210 over the winter, and finally second semester went back to 190 and instead of gaining over the summer I kicked on and went to 165. During my third year I went to 140. Sadly I gained back to 190 (yes, a lot) because of my ex reviving some old bad habits, but now I am at 170 and getting better every day.

    Weight is a tough thing.
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    @ashindia: I guess this was the thread you were looking for...just read some pretty hilarious incidents here...but yes, let this thread remain
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    This is not about my career... but how about we at IFN ppl who will be there for U17 WC to meet during weekend of group stage in delhi for game among us...

    Most of us would suck :p  but still should be fun..
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