Happy 7th Anniversary, Adios IFN

Hello friends,

IFN completes 7 years today and it has been a great journey, thanks to all of you. Congratulations to all the members!

I also announce my retirement from IFN ownership and all associated responsibilities. And I do this with a heavy heart as IFN is the child that I have seen grow up. 

Many of you might know that I have become a member of the Indian bureaucracy. This requires me to give up this position.

I had started IFN with a specific object in mind. I wished to see Indian football fans united. And to raise their voice so that it reaches the highest layers of football administration in India. 

We have had successes as many of you may have noted, along the journey. The blog and the forum made significant impact on how the football is governed in this country. And I am sure it will keep doing this good work despite the hiccups and resource crunch.

I remember how we went through financial crunch a couple of years back. And we had made appeal to the members to which the response was overwhelming. We got generous contributions from members. And it reassured our faith in the power of good.

I also want to thank the moderators Munna for keeping a watch on the forum. And I can't thank Hassan enough for the tireless efforts in maintaining the blog nd also the social media. 

I am leaving the reigns of IFN under the able hands of Rudra. With the support from all of you, I am sure he will take IFN to greater heights. 

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    So now you guys know!
    This is possibly the saddest anniversary of IFN. Personally I can't even imagine of IFN without Somesh. I don't even know the site the way he does, every details of it. In these 7 years, we have seen many websites come up and gone, but despite all difficulties we managed to keep it alive. This has been possible mostly because of Somesh and his problem solving attitude. IFN could not have stayed alive without him. We will miss you, Somesh. But at the same time, I hope, being at such an important position, you can work on much more important things and bring positive changes in the country. I hope you continue to provide useful inputs and advice to IFN.

    To others, I would say that it is indeed a huge responsibility for me. I can no longer keep the luxury of being a passive member of the team. For long, Somesh was completely responsible for all technicalities and most decisions. What I can assure is that IFN will live and continue. I will try to sort out a pipeline to make it work better in the coming few weeks. More than anything, I need support from you guys to run the different aspects of the website, like its happening right now.

    I am all ears for new ideas and suggestions. Please send them to [email protected]
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    ;namewtheld  (Somesh)

    I wish you all the best in your new job ... IFN is best thing to happen for Indian football fans... The way the IFN operated till now is very good..

    Thanks for all the time and support..

    We will miss you... Hope you still continue as member and share your thoughts on Indian football.

    I wish all the best for Rudra... and hope munna & Hassan will keep supporting IFN...
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    Happy Anniversary friends...


    I couldn't able to access the forum from past 3-4 days... Please let us know if IFN is in financial crunch... We are more than happy to contribute financially to IFN...
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    Thanks @Nagendra , currently the financial situation is fine. You guys are going much more , keeping the forum active. Keep it active and lively, that would be a great motivation for me. 
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    @namewtheld (Somesh), this is a huge blow to us. As @rudra said, we cannot imagine the Forum without you. I remember the initial days when we all assembled in an amateurish-looking but passionate forum under you, @rudra and others. From there we have come to the forum of today which really have become the pulse of Indian football. Those seven years were the most remarkable time in my life, as I found my voice for the most beautiful thing I liked and met some beautiful people. I can clearly demarcate my life as pre-IFN and post-IFN, thanks to you all.

    I am sure @rudra will further take it forward with the help of @munna219777, @mohammed_87hassan and other dedicated souls. But we will miss you. Definitely. I, however, wish you best in your journey of life.

    Surely, the Administrative Services wouldn't mind if you participate in the Forum as a fan (of course, time permitting). It is an ever-expanding yet closely knit family, probably the largest of the country. I cannot let a single member fall behind in our journey.

    I'm sure we will continue to meet you in this forum.
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    ;Deb_Ban ...

    bang on brother... 
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    @namewtheld ; Emotional Day for Us but Best wishes in your career and new endeavours!!! Just like you and @rudra have provided platform for Indian Football Fans and given them a Voice, you will keep on motivating and serving people & nation in other fields also.

    IFN purpose will "Live On" exactly like you guys wanted 7 years back.. It will continue its journey of serving Indian Football.
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    The first thing I see after my exams  :'(
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    But Somesh you can read the comments and comment some time on the forum. Or that is also not allowed? 
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