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    Many footballers like Bibin are looking for an opportunities to make a name for themselves. 
    Tournaments like Santosh trophy are important.

    Bibin is hopeful of doing well for Kerala at the Santosh Trophy. "If the team wins the title, I will be able to land a government job. I can think of getting married and having a family of my own if I get a permanent job," says Bibin.

    his aim is for getting a permanent job. sadly that's the mentality.  I am looking for a future where one could say "my aim is to play for the xyz club and get to play for NT."
    What’s wrong in having a job and family ? There is nothing wrong with his mentality. Why don’t you leave your job / office and be a footballer?
    we don’t have much opportunities in sports, it’s ok to be more realistic 
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    @indian_gooner, @Carbon_14: Your comments reminded me of the story "The Transfer Saga" which I was translating and which is incomplete.

    In that story, Dulal, one of the footballers, who is not as disciplined  as Anupam, admits that since he comes from a poor family, he is more concerned about money, security rather than taking care of his body, honing his skills, leading a disciplined life. He asks Anupam whether this is wrong. Anupam replies that far from being wrong, this is the basis of professionalism. It is because of money that Maradona, Gavaskar, Lendl, Carl Lewis have tried their best to maintain their form and achieved success too. It is never right to disrespect money. Our atmosphere is so vitiated that people get startled when they hear that a footballer is getting one or two lakh; they never care to think that the players whom they see on television and whom they ooh and aah over earn crores of rupees in a year. They have other securities too which are not present in our country.

    So,  the footballing structure of our country needs to change, players should earn enough (since a footballer's career is limited) so that they do not have to look for a job, government or otherwise. Only then they can think of developing their football skills and playing for the NT.  
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    kerala 0-0 West Bengal at Half Time
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    I will just add some thoughts on earlier discussion.

    In western countries, many people pick up sports for admission in top universities (USA) or job in schools as Physical Education Teacher (woman hockey players) or Football coaches at smaller clubs.

    Very few people make up to National Team or Olympics or Premier Leagues.  But such middle level aspirations are also important in order to have a wide pool of sportsman - footballers in this case. Otherwise we will have only 200-300 football players in India ISL / Arrows/ I-league

    we need a wide pool of 30 thousand active football players in india and opportunities for all of them otherwise they will not pick up the game. So such small things like school teacher or govt job in police / railway is a good incentive. Every girl who picks up Hockey stick in England / Netherlands / Germany/ Australia has an incentive of Physical education teacher job at a govt school. Clubs hardly pay anything and olympic medal dream can only be achieved by few geniuses.
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    kerala 0-0 West Bengal at Half Time

    Full marks to Kerala fans who have come to the stadium in huge numbers. But so far game level is pedestrian. It looks like both teams do not want to lose. Kerala has been poor in utilising setpieces, corner kicks.
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    Kerala vs Bengal is a special game. We both states share a special bond. A hell lot of Bengalis work in Kerala as well due to our many similarities.
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    Goal Goal Goal by Kerala
  • munna219777munna219777 28505 Points
    Kerala 2-0 West Bengal at Full Time
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