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    PLS team and foreign players auction will take place in January with the league to start on Feb month....
    now the question in my mind is all matches are expected to be played in floodlights...if YBK is not fit to host evening matches,will other cities be able to even get a quality ground in place for the league???

    Is there a credible source other than sportskedda because I count that article was right. 1) The auction was scheduled for August but never happened. 2) Were is that dutch legend who wore the glasses (forgot his name) Wasn't he supposed to be in the league. 3) He said the Maradona was on England!
    i got the news from this some names are provided and i dont see any dutch name over there may be that was part of initial attempt by organisers to attract public eyes
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    by shankar » Wed Dec 21, 2011 12:21 am

    arsenalfan wrote:
    shankar wrote:

    Thanks. Oh man an PLS team with Robert Peries captain and Tony Adams coaching! OMG that would be great. Hmmmm Siliguri Gunners FC anyone.
  • shankarshankar 2600 Points
    Re: Premier League Soccer
    by shankar » Wed Dec 21, 2011 12:21 am

    arsenalfan wrote:
    shankar wrote:

    Thanks. Oh man an PLS team with Robert Peries captain and Tony Adams coaching! OMG that would be great. Hmmmm Siliguri Gunners FC anyone.
    gunners fc that name will stop them winning trophies....:P
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    by shankar » Wed Dec 21, 2011 12:21 am

    arsenalfan wrote:
    shankar wrote:

    Thanks. Oh man an PLS team with Robert Peries captain and Tony Adams coaching! OMG that would be great. Hmmmm Siliguri Gunners FC anyone.
    gunners fc that name will stop them winning trophies....:P

    But Robert and Tony won trophies with Arsenal year after year after year
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    here's the latest from IBN live.
  • if they w'll keep the name as gunners fc their trophy drought will start. :D
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    As they can play an IMPORTANT role in d development of our players.

    Samson Siasia (Nigeria)-He is very famous as a youth coach;took Nigerian U20 team to d FINAL of 2005 Under-20 World Cup & d FINAL of U-20 African Youth Championship.He has also coached NIGERIAN NT(The Super Eagles) from 2010 to 2011.

    Peter Reid (England)-He was a defensive mid fielder and had a successful career in his playing days.He has a vast coaching experience; coaching clubs like Manchester City(1990-93),Southampton,Sunderland,Leeds United,Coventry City and Thailand national team.During his stint with Manchester City, d club slipped to 9th posn form 5th, d main reason said to be d long ball technique.

    John Barnes (England)-During his playing career,he had successful periods at Liverpool in 1990s,playing for England 79 times (a former record for a black player),Newcastle United,Charlton Athletic.
    AS COACH-He has coached only few clubs-Tranmere Rovers & Jamaica NT (2009; a good stint)

    Marco Etcheverry -a Bolivian footballer, considered one of the greatest Bolivian players of all time.71 caps and scored 13 goals for the Bolivian NT between 1989 and 2003.He has coached Oriente Petrolero ,a Bolivian football club .

    Colin Todd (England)-600 appearances in the Football League, playing for Sunderland, Derby County, Everton, Birmingham City, Nottingham Forest, Oxford United and Luton Town.He has managed Middlesbrough, Bolton Wanderers, Swindon Town, Derby County, Bradford City, Darlington and Danish Superliga side Randers FC, took Bolton Wanderers to the Division One title with 98 points and 100 goals.

    Teitur Thordarson (Vancouver Whitecaps)-Icelandic football coach, a good stint with Whitecaps from 2007-11.

    Milos Rus- a slovakian coach

    <!-- s:clap: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/eusa/clap.gif" alt=":clap:" title="Clap" /><!-- s:clap: --> THE GOOD THING ABOUT PLS <!-- s:clap: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/eusa/clap.gif" alt=":clap:" title="Clap" /><!-- s:clap: -->
    These foreign coaches are not aware of India & when they come here & come to know about d chances as a coach here & d huge response from d people, they may continue here even after PLS.AIFF <!-- s:think: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/eusa/think.gif" alt=":think:" title="Think" /><!-- s:think: --> should make use of these coaches, especially SAMSON SIASIA in thier academy project.
    Source:- Wikipedia
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    one thing for sure it generate lot of media for indian football
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  • namewtheldnamewtheld Kolkata5651 Points
    ESPN might be the broadcaster of the PLS. They have claimed that the matches will be telecast nationwide and also in SE Asia. This indicates ESPNSTAR could be the possible partners
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    Forget Cricket, Here Comes Indian Premier League Soccer
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    Hernán Crespo, Fabio Cannavaro, Robbie Fowler, Robert Pires, Jay-Jay Okocha, Juan Pablo Sorin.

    No, that isn’t a morning roll-call at a retirement home for footballers. It’s a list of “icon” players who will be taking part in the Premier League Soccer tournament next month in India.

    Don’t be fooled by the Premier League title either. This has nothing to do with the Barclays Premier League in the United Kingdom, though some of the above-mentioned players made their names and fortunes there.

    This tournament, or league, or whatever, is a West Bengal affair closely modeled on the annual Indian Premier League cricket tournament. The hope is it will give football a bigger stage in this cricket-mad country (for the record, this is definitely the first time in history that India has been described as a cricket-mad country) and perhaps help produce India’s next – or, let’s be honest, first – soccer star.

    Setting aside the ongoing debate about the damage the IPL is doing to Indian Test cricket, the upcoming football league is aimed at giving the sport a much-needed boost in India. Despite its huge population, India sits at a lowly 162 on the FIFA world rankings. That’s one spot below Fiji, by the way. Palestine, Lesotho and Yemen are among the many others ranked higher than India. It’s not all bad though: India is ahead of Pakistan (179) and also the British Virgin Islands, with its population of 12. (If that figure isn’t accurate, blame Wednesday’s Wikipedia blackout. But rest assured, there are enough people there for a starting XI and at least one sub.)

    Premier League Soccer (which one could argue needs the word “tournament” at the end of it, or league, though Premier League Soccer League is a mouthful) is being organized by Celebrity Management Group and the Indian Football Association. The latter is responsible for hosting the matches, from stadiums to referees.

    CMG Chief Executive Dharamdutt Pandey told India Real Time that bidding for franchise ownership in the Premier League Soccer (tournament/league) is now underway and will run to Jan. 22. The auction for players, and not just the famous over 35-year-olds from overseas, is “tentatively” scheduled to take place in Kolkata on Jan. 29, Mr. Pandey said. The tournament itself runs for seven weeks from Feb. 25.

    There will be six franchises, or teams, in the inaugural Premier League Soccer (tournament/league/thingy) and each has been allocated a minimum annual franchise fee. The bigger the soccer catchment area, the higher the price. So Kolkata, the epicenter of football fandom in India, is the most expensive franchise to buy, with a minimum bid of 10 million rupees ($195,000). Siliguri also has a minimum bid price of 10 million rupees.

    Barasat has a price tag of 8.5 million rupees, while Howrah, Haldia and Durgapur all have a minimum bidding price of 7.5 million rupees, Mr. Pandey said, adding that five bid forms have already been given to interested parties.

    “I can’t disclose names now, we’ve not yet got the bids back,” he said, adding “a few celebrities have made certain inquiries.”

    Celebrities are of course involved in the IPL, with the likes of Shilpa Shetty invested in the Rajasthan Royals and Shah Rukh Khan in the Kolkata Knight Riders. The names of the franchises in the Premier League Soccer (tournament/league/thingy/shindig) will be decided by the owners once the bidding is completed, Mr. Pandey said. The franchise contracts are for 10 years and spending at the auction for players and coaches is capped at $2.5 million.

    Mr. Pandey also said that CMG is in talks with television companies about broadcasting rights, within West Bengal, throughout India, South Asia and even in Europe.

    Even though their best footballing days are undoubtedly behind them, the likes of Cannavaro, Crespo, Fowler and Pires will certainly add some much-needed stardust to the fledgling league.

    “If you have stars of this category playing for your city, surely it starts to generate interest,” said Mr. Pandey.

    Players of this caliber and experience will also, hopefully, share their wealth of knowledge with Indian footballers. Premier League Soccer – like the cricket IPL – has rules that ensure local players get time on the pitch.

    Each franchise will have to sign at least six players from the local catchment area, while six must also be under 21 years old. The remainder can be from anywhere in India, and a squad – which ranges from 25 to 30 players – can’t have more than four foreign players.

    If a local player or an under-21 member of a squad is ruled out, he can be replaced but it must be a like-for-like exchange. So if a local player is replaced, ithas to be by another local player, Mr. Pandey said.

    He also said that there are plans to expand Premier League Soccer beyond West Bengal to other football strongholds in India, such as Goa and Kerala “maybe next year.”

    “Though we have huge football potential in India, it’s not yet been utilized. The basic reason for starting this is, number one, to draw in the public to watch quality football in their city,” Mr. Pandey said.

    “We have to accept we do have talent, and these people will now get a better platform to showcase themselves,” he added.
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