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    When SLFC players are going on sale??

    Eagerly waiting for Rolua & Samuel's fate :) 
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    Don't understand why you are so ferociously defending Brown . He was was with Southend for five years ,if you talk to any of their fans you would understand why I said he is a one dimensional coach . This is not the kind of football KBFC needs right now . That's the reason I called this signing a disaster.
    Maybe FCPC fans are so in love with him but it was Reddy who changed the fortunes and he deserves more credit than Brown.
    Your last para about creating a good repo and stuff sounded like David James on his 2nd coming . So I really don't believe in all that bullshit .
    And yeah even I find my username funny . Couldn't care less if people make fun of it . Btw I'm still waiting for the other '12 warriors of FCPC army' to call me out for calling their manager shit.
    [Deleted User]
  • so basically u started some random debate based on talking with some fans , then have no answers to questions asked (except that you tried trolling ) , neither you know what happens at FCPC nor you have spoken with anyone at club or observed what they do in practise 
    & then  your best replies are '12 warriors of FCPC army' or go read/search this and that or some hashtag  :D :D

    well like I said atleast come up with logical explanations in debates instead of acting like any usual blaster FB warriors 
    anyway logic and you people dont go well together thats one thing 
    good wastage of time, thanks - no thanks 
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    Ok...I checked this thread after more than 30 hrs and Brown continues to hog the limelight! :o 

    Bye for now!
    goalkeepar[Deleted User]spartaashindiamunna219777
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    I didn't ask for a debate .But looks like you dragged your sorry ass to defend your utter shit manager . The only positive thing to come out of your footballing ghost town club is the realisation that an Indian manager like Reddy can get a team out of an bad situation.  I ,like most of the Pune population, don't give a shit about what happens  at FCPC . 

    So according to your retarded logic I shouldn't talk about a club because I didn't talk to anyone inside the club or haven't watched them train ? It might work with you orange rainbow army which is like what 100-200 people ? So don't sound so entitled . I ,like most of the Indian football fans give my opinion based what we get to know from social media . 

    I didn't invite you or anyone to  debate and to say that I can't base an opinion on the basis of interacting with few fans who have watched Brown lead their team for 5 years is again next level ignorance . I still stand by my opinion that Brown ,if hired will be a disastrous signing for KBFC ,maybe hoofball is OK for FCPC and their small rainbow army  but not for KBFC. 
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    ok you are right you won, completely my mistake <3
  • DEFENCE123DEFENCE123 India646 Points
    @shanks_dehighliving That guy is retarded lol. Brown will take KBFC to top 4 if he is allowed to select his players
    EastBengalPrideBrainFallINDIA[Deleted User]dev_pfcashindiareddevil87goalkeepardeepu
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    KBFC can't recruit top Indian or foreign players baba, no money they have!
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    Why stop at top 4 though ? 
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