Intercontinental Cup 2019

All India Football Federation confirms the participation of  Syria, DPR Korea &  Tajikistan as participating teams in the 2nd Hero Inter Continental Cup on July 7-17, 2019

Hope Stigor will get back injured players like Ashique, Jeje, jerry, Poojary etc so that he will try them out as well before the WC qualifiers


  • The Hero Intercontinental Cup 2019 fixtures are as follows:


    July 7: India vs Tajikistan

    July 8: Syria vs DPR Korea

    July 10: Tajikistan vs Syria

    July 13: India vs DPR Korea

    July 15: DPR Korea vs Tajikistan

    July 16: India vs Syria

    July 18: Final


    All the matches will kick off at 8 PM IST.

  • Carbon_14Carbon_14 Bengaluru 4770 Points
    Where is the tournament?
  • thebeautifulgamethebeautifulgame Durgapur,India28540 Points
  • reddevil87reddevil87 1858 Points
    Is there any plans for National camp for this cup? If yes when?
  • munna219777munna219777 28427 Points
    edited June 2019
    They are good teams, they will pose us bigger challenge then Thailand.
    Tajikistan defeated us last two times we played against them in 2013 and 2012.
    DPR Korea can be an interesting side.
    Syria is supposed to be the best as compared to the other three.
    Ideal preparation for World Cup Qualifiers- covered all regions (East , Central and Western Asia).
    Great to see this change in AIFF's mindset. We are playing challenging sides in preparation,
    Igor Stimac's  approach is in total contrast with SC who was skipping Friendlies for better ranking./ Pot in Draw.

  • RonnyRonny 9798 Points
    SC was scared of even playing Nepal..we really got lucky under him to get a high ranking through WC qualifier wins against Laos etc. We couldnt even beat Guam when needed
  • RonnyRonny 9798 Points
    Syria is the best team of the lot.Expect everyone to send their best teams due to the tournament's timing and quality of opposition. Also to be fair Thailand currently is better than Tajiks and DPR Korea..Thais made it to the final round of WC qualifying where they managed to hold teams like Australia to a draw.. Asian cup they drew with UAE and beat Bahrain. Post the cup, they had beaten China in China so beating them at home with nearly a second string/debut squad is very commendable.
    I think the real thing that is working for us is that each player is ready to fight for their spot in the NT which means they dont care who we face. Everyone is hungry to be a part of the team..some guys like Brandon,Adil etc have been deprived for so long that they might just ending up playing the best football of their life now. I like it that even Gurpreeet's position is in danger through Amrinder because he has been regulalrly leaking in cheap goals. NT team has already seen the departure of Narayan Das, Passi, Germanpreet etc. These guys were holding on to their place for granted. Now look at the work rates of Vinit Rai, Amarjit, Raynier, Thapa, Sahal etc..Phew probably the most exciting time for our NT in a decade where we know we can have a team that can do wonders!!
    thebeautifulgamedebarghya89namewtheldashindiaDeb_BanSOCCER4klBabertosouravindiaspartaarunskumarand 4 others.
  • thebeautifulgamethebeautifulgame Durgapur,India28540 Points
    edited June 2019
    Superb analysis @Ronny!

    It is definitely a very humbling experience to come across guys like you in IFN who are so informative and passionate about Indian football. After some rather disturbing posts yesterday, such comments and feedbacks come like a breath of fresh air to all of us. Kudos, mate!!
    Mikidebarghya89ashindiaharitrams24Carbon_14souravindiaspartajees_josemunna219777reddevil87and 1 other.
  • RonnyRonny 9798 Points
    @thebeautifulgame: Thank you for your nice words. I just ignore non football related stuff and focus on the thread topics.simple!
    deepak dedha
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