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    @sam - do not worry --- those are STIMAC's comments, I vote 1000 points to you sam. Our general population wants results quickly. Like I said before, it takes years, not months, to start producing consistent results on the field. What STIMAC is saying is very true. Our sports fans and general public needs to educate themselves little bit more about how sports world works and how long it takes to develop a good team. What other ground works need to happen prior to expecting results from a national team etc. If they have played any sports, at any semi competitive level, then they would understand what Stimac is talking about. Every one has the right for their opinion and comments to we cannot find fault in those. Be patient, give the coach and players more time to master what they are trying to do on the field … :) If outsiders just keep creating these unreal expectations and put pressure on the players and coach - it would demotivate them and at some point it is going to break. Especially these tv channels with all these experts commenting on the teams performance. Please keep quiet for couple of years, before you pass your judgements.
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    Temperature at Match time is expected to be around 26 degree C.
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    The Oman Football Association (OFA) has decided to scrap the sale of tickets at the Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex for the Oman-India World Cup qualifier on November 19 after a bitter experience with the Oman-Bangladesh match on last Thursday.
    There will be a total allocation of 3,000 general tickets and 300 VIP tickets for Indian fans,
    The decision comes after the chaos outside the stadium during Oman’s World Cup qualifier match against Bangladesh. The traffic was totally affected for hours after Bangladesh fans turned up in huge numbers outside the stadium. A lot of Omani fans were not able to watch the match due to lack of space inside the stadium too, the OFA officials said.

    They are restricting the number of Indian fans.

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    Hello everyone - I just read the below article - wanted to share with everyone. Please note the observations of the writer as what fans need to do to help the team get better ..
    Hope every one like this ...

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    Going by the article by Novy, it seems Sahal may not start while despite recognising the importance of a defensive midfielder and the less than poor performance by Haldar in the last match, Stimac is still not willing to consider Reynier in his place! Starting with Len makes little sense since he is new to NT setup and has little bonding or understanding developed with other players (except brandon). Why can't we play with our 4 best ball playing midfielders available to us right not - Reynier-Thapa-Sahal (as advanced CAM) - Brandon (on Right wing from where he can cut in and drift towards the central box). Let Farukh play on the left wing with Subhashish as a specialised left back (since Al Mandhar will play on right wing for Oman and we need to reinforce our left side). Lets keep Ashique, Udanta and Len as our impact Subs to be used from 60th minute onwards in the match.
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    How the hell will Novy Kapadia know who is going to start?
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    Winless in four games so far in an increasingly disappointing campaign, the Indian football team face uphill task against Oman in Fifa World Cup qualifier.
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