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  • spartasparta Jamshedpur FC2074 Points
    Definition of normal life is different for different set of people. When someone has been living his whole life in 10*10  slum house, with everyone doing the same thing,you don't know what's treated as being normal. He got the lesson and if he doesn't learn then he won't be back as simple as that.
     JFC definitely won't be kicking him out for sure as there would be pressure from fans and now with a new govt in the state Tata Steel should be seen as pro localites otherwise team won't get the benefits that it is enjoying. 
    With the team not performing well anyway the attendance is not full house this time and if they remove Mukhi then whole North Block will be empty. 
  • EastBengalPrideEastBengalPride India9301 Points
    Next he will commit theft or murder and people will give justification for that too. JFC should move on from Mukhi, groom and promote other local talents who are not criminals. Forgery of official documents is a criminal offence, a FIR needs to be filed against that scumbag fraudster.
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  • spartasparta Jamshedpur FC2074 Points
    100 year old clubs are still importing talents from North East/Kerala and giving lectures to other clubs on how should it run. 
      Age fraud is rampant on every sport. Even cricket caught players like Shivam Mavi and Manjot Kalra who are World cup champions in under 19. ICC should strip India's champions tag. Even KKR's Nitish Rana was banned in 2015 but now playing senior cricket.
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  • NagendraNagendra Rajahmundry, A.P6516 Points
    He cheated , deserves punishment & punished as well.

    Now he is playing for senior team and how would it make a difference if he is 20, 25 or 30.. we have players who cheated & escaped punishment in various sports.. better if we stop bringing his age in every topic .. 
  • munna219777munna219777 28514 Points
    edited January 2020
    Is he some Folk Hero, Local legend, Davy Crockett of Tatanagar or what ?

    Cricket is different where a player can jump between Ranji team, zonal team, IPL franchise, India A and age group teams.
    In Football, Discipline, Effort in Training Ground and Dressing Room environment affects everyone.  Club Club Club is what makes a Footballer.
    What message are you giving to other players if someone is  missing Practice or being drunk ?
    Will they (Players + Coaching staff) be able to give their 100% if non-footballing reasons are of paramount importance ?

  • spartasparta Jamshedpur FC2074 Points
    I am happy that he is punished but don't the punishment to be too much that he is out of contract. B team is where he might excel right now with the current main team coach not favouring him initially too.There should be gametime for him even if it comes from ileague 2, it's ok.
      Everyone in Jamshedpur is in favour of the removal from main team but they don't want removal from B team. I hope he learns otherwise he will fade away as simple as that. I want a chance to be given instead of completely clipping his wings.
    goalkeeparrathorevarun4 ajmal
  • spartasparta Jamshedpur FC2074 Points
    Gourav Mukhi didn't play in today's ileague 2 match and he is still in the JFC squad list so he might get some chances in the upcoming matches. 
          If he is thrown out then career over for him at Jamshedpur FC. 
  • spartasparta Jamshedpur FC2074 Points
    Sandip Mandi, a local guy debuted yester day. 
  • SiVSiV 1853 Points
    Gourav Mukhi must leave JFC and join Punjab FC.... Ranjit Bajaj knows how to get talented players at cheaper prices & make them shine... He can probably sell to some isl club after one year, thereby pocketing transfer fee
  • spartasparta Jamshedpur FC2074 Points
    With current JFC coach not using him at all, let's see if they let him go completely next year.
       Anyway, next year there will be a new coach after all these pathetic performances. 
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