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    As far as the assist is concerned,she assisted in her very first match.
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    It's a 9-0 scoreline, so let's not get over excited. Seems like a huge disparity in quality there. 
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    Indian women footballers Bala Devi and Oinam Bembem promoted to inspector rank in Manipur Police

    N Biren Singh Chief Minister of Manipur with Bala Devi and Oinam Bembem

    Seeing the recent success of Indian women footballer Ngangom Bala Devi in international football, her state Manipur’s Chief Minister N. Biren Singh has promoted her to Inspector rank in the state police department. Besides Bala, the promotion has also been offered to Oinam Bembem Devi.
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    I want to bring learnings from international football to India: Rangers FC forward Bala Devi

    If necessary, sleep with a football. It’s a line by her father that Ngangom Bala Devi has still not forgotten from her days of growing up in the Northeastern state of Manipur where she would be casually playing the game with boys in the fields in her spare time. It not only underlines the passion one must have to play sport, but also speaks of the dedication required to reach the highest level.

    The 30-year-old’s father, Ngangom Manohar Singh, an ex-state-level football player, is a proud man today. It’s been a year since his daughter became the first woman and Asia’s only footballer to be signed by Rangers FC—one of the top football clubs in the Scottish League. A dream jointly seen by her father and her came true. 

    “It is a very big thing personally, and for the country, that I am able to play for such a big club. A lot of players representing it are national players of their teams in Northern Ireland, Canada, France… that helps me learn from them,” says Bala Devi, who became the first Indian woman to score a goal in a European League clash. In December 2020, Rangers FC decimated Motherwell FC with a 9-0 win, with Bala Devi scoring at the 85th minute. 

    So far, she has played six games for the club (apart from six friendly ones) and aspires to be a part of many more. Her contract is scheduled to end in June 2021, but she is hopeful that Rangers will renew it. “I am keen to play for a few more years. In fact, as long as I can play… and learn in an international environment and bring those learnings to India,” she tells Forbes India on a Zoom call from her apartment in Glasgow.  

    Just a couple of months after reaching the United Kingdom (UK), the coronavirus-induced lockdowns came into effect, leaving Bala Devi confined to her room. She was itching to get back on the field and kept herself in top shape even in those trying times. “I was hopeful that I would play a lot, but the coronavirus brought things to a standstill. But I kept myself fit by working out in my room,” she says. “The fitness levels and intensity of the games here are extremely high. For instance, one can learn the technique to quickly run and return to their position… these are smaller tweaks, but Indian players can benefit a lot.”

    While watching a game, she was also overwhelmed to witness the abiding love spectators have for sportspersons there. “The fans stood cheering for 45 minutes, and motivated and supported their team,” she says. 

    During the 2020-21 season, the Rangers Women’s Football Club is at pole position in the League, having earned 18 points from seven matches. It has lost only one game. Jersey No. 10 Bala Devi, who plays at position nine or ten in a forward formation, plays a key role in setting up a goal for her team.
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    Bala Devi and Rangers WFC will be back in action today after 4 months. The league was suspended due to rising COVID-19 cases in the UK.
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    Bala Devi came on as a substitute and scored a fantastic goal just before FT in a 5-0 victory against Spartans FC Women

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    That's now 2 goals in 12 appearances (2 starts).

    Rangers have played only 16 matches and are currently 2nd in table (Champions League slot). 5 more matches to go.
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    The season is over in Scotland. Rangers finished 3rd after being in top 2 for the majority of the season and did not qualify for Champions League.

    Bala Devi made 14 (3 starts) league appearances out of 21 games and scored 2 goals. Her contract is over, but she is not released yet. Can expect some news about her contract renewal (or her release, in the worst case) in upcoming days.
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    That is still pretty impressive from Bala Devi after having played in India an suddenly moving to a European club
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