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    Viva Kerala's Karma Tsewang - I Would Like To Play For A Bigger Club

    As another I-League season draws to a close, Goal.com exclusively speaks to Viva Kerala’s Karma Tsewang whose influential performances on the wing have played a major role in the southern club's exceptional revival. The club from Kerala, who had won only one of their first 13 games, came back to win five of their next 12 picking up eighteen points to crawl out of the relegation zone.

    Karma’s desire to play in the top division has seen him put up some inspiring performances which has caught the eye of India’s elite. We spoke to Karma about his form this season, about his time at Viva Kerala and about his personal ambitions. This is what he had to say:

    What do you think of your performance this season?

    I am not the one to analyse myself but if you see, my goal per game average has been better than last year. So, yes I think this has been a decent season for me, better than the last year. In fact, I think not only me, we have played better as a team. Its effect has shown on the league table as well; we are ninth in the table and looking good. We performed very well especially against Pune at Balewadi; boys showed a great fighting spirit to come back to earn a point after going down 4-0.

    When the score was 4-1 at half-time, was there anything special that your coach, P.K. Kunhikrishnan stressed on?

    Well, he didn’t say anything special; he gave a normal team talk. He did make us aware, what kind of trouble another loss can spark, but we already knew that. So, no. Nothing special. The Pune FC home ground also aided our comeback. It is a fabulous ground and one where it was easy to play football. When it’s easy to pass the ball and run on, it sure gives you a lot more confidence and boost. On such a surface, you also enjoy playing football. I think, without a doubt, it’s the best ground in India.

    Staying on grounds, what do you think of your own home turf in Kannur?

    Well, it’s not as good a ground as in Pune but I have seen grounds which are much worse. For example, JCT’s home ground is one of the worst. Our home ground has just come up and a lot of work is still in place, thus, I expect us to have a pitch as good as Pune FC in near future.

    What is the best thing about a club like Viva Kerala?

    Here, we have a mixture of both young and experienced players. At some clubs, it often happens that the good players try to show the rest their superiority but that is not the case with Viva Kerala; we work together as a team. The likes of N.P.Pradeep and Anil Kumar present you with a chance to learn a lot. Also, they give you ample confidence at all times – whether the team is doing well and not. They are very helpful and I hope every club has as a peaceful atmosphere as we do at Viva Kerala.

    Karma, you spoke about the importance of having experienced players in the team. What about Indian Arrows - they are basically an under-19 outfit and still doing well?

    They are a very good side and equipped to playing with that sort of a team as compared to the others. They work well as a team and put in decent performances time and time again. They have a great unity in the squad; they trust each other’s ability well and are confident of themselves. It’s not only about playing football; it’s about playing with confidence. Taking my personal example, last season I wasn’t playing well as I didn’t have enough confidence; I would get nervous on the field and not be able to showcase my ability. Indian Arrows players, even though they are young, they get experience and exposure playing in India and abroad which gives them a lot of confidence. They have a great mentality and hardly ever get nervous. Watch out for them next season, they will be even better than what they have been.

    First half of the season, Viva Kerala was battling relegation. What was that thing that turned your season around?

    I think our home performances have been good. We enjoy playing at home; it gives us confidence playing in front of our home fans. And when you have confidence, you do well. Well, not many people turn up for the games but the ones who do, cheer for us and are delighted when we win games. They come to us after the game, shake our hands and congratulate us when our performances are good. They have been one of the keys for us doing well at home.

    Let’s face it, you guys have survived relegation. I mean, considering your goal difference which is -6 as compared to -11 and -14 of ONGC and JCT, only a miracle can get you relegated now. As Indian players have only one year contracts, what do you think, would all the Viva Kerala players stay with the club after this season as well? Or like JCT, would the top players fancy a move to another club?

    Well, anything can happen. Players want to play for bigger clubs and more money. It’s also in the club’s hands to decide if they want to keep a certain player or if they are willing to let him go. Also, if a club wants to keep a player, they have to decide what they are willing to do in order to keep that particular player.

    Do you have such personal aspirations as well? If a ‘big’ club comes in for you would you like to play for them?

    Yes, of course. Even I would like to play for a ‘big’ club but not for any big club as you have to see what the situation with the club is, how are the club officials, how do they treat you; how are the players. Well, you have to take everything into account. First year at a big club is difficult but it’s important for the players to have a good relation with everyone like how it is at Viva Kerala.

    A game left for the season to end, have you got any offers so far?

    Yes, I have received offers from other clubs but I can’t reveal them as of now.
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    Good Article

    Good article, don't think so..Goal.com journalist describing Indian Arrows as u19 team!!! shame, if dedicated football journalists make such mistake, fans can be excused for not knowing much...
    they don't even mention where he is from...thankfully last yr they had published another article, which i am posting here in next post
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    I Never Knew Anything About Indian Football Until I Began To Play - Viva Kerala's T. Karma

    India is often viewed as a country, which can offer an individual any spiritual help he or she needs. Amongst the various systems of philosophies prevalent in this part of the world, the Karmic theory is one of the most famous exports all across the globe.

    And what does it state?

    ‘What goes around, comes around’ and the player about whom we shall discuss in the coming paragraphs does indeed have some good karma given the way he has become a professional footballer from being a nobody.

    “I started playing football for my school from class eight and represented my college in the XI and XII standards. Thereafter one of the football coaches from another school suggested that I give trials for Viva Kerala.

    “I went for it and was taken by the club last season. It was a good break given that I had never received any formal training,” tells T.Karma on how joined the southern club.

    The 21 year old typifies an average football fan in India who follows the beautiful game, knowing almost everything possibly one could about the English Premier League while being absolutely uninformed about the state of affairs in India.

    “I never knew anything about Indian football. I had only heard of the name ‘Bhaichung Bhutia’ and never even seen him play. That’s all I knew about football in India as I never saw it. I only followed the English Premier League,” said an avid Arsenal fan.

    Lack of awareness about Indian football instilled a sense of fear in the youngster as he didn’t knew what to expect and what was desired from him.

    “Initially, I was scared to play as I had no idea of how big or small football in India was as it isn’t well advertised or publicized. However, I do feel now that as a player you can achieve a lot here. The clubs take good care of the players,” said the Mysore boy with Tibetian roots.

    On being asked as to who he looks up to as one of his favourite players, the answer is quick.

    “Beto...He uses his body very well and is a very good player,” said Karma ruing the fact that he still hasn’t earned enough good karma to meet the Brazilian despite having beaten Dempo SC last month in Kerala.

    Such is life!
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  • What the hell man?

    What is bad about Karma's interview above???
  • archakarchak 2082 Points
    What the hell man?

    What is bad about Karma's interview above???
    I was just comparing the two articles and then commenting on the level of journalism.
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