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    @Deb_Ban agree that you guys have sentimental attachment to the maroon and green.  But lemme remind you there were incidents that clubs and nations changed the colour of the kit based on public demand or other reasons. If i am not wrong , Brasil teams yellow jersey is due to such change. 
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    What benefit would it bring us apart from pissing off hundreds of thousands of fans? Red and gold, the design can change as it has in the past but colours can't. If you don't like go watch another club dude.
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    @shibier  ; Brazil case was different. Brazil jersey used to be White Shirt with Blue collar. In 1950 Brazil lost to Uruguay in Finals of World Cup at home. That was a big disaster and shame for the nation psyche. Whole country wept and mourned. Their old jersey became a symbol of Netional Shame. Then before 1954 World Cup in Switzerland, they decided on a competition for new jersey to include colours from Brazil Flag to again revive interest in National team.
    One 18 year old kid designed their Yellow jersey. I will paste his sketch. then Pele generation came and Yellow jersey became famous.
    Schlees original illustrations for the Brazil kit

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    What about the Indian jersey in 1950?
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    We didnt play in 1950 WorlD Cup. But the pics of 1948 Olympics suggest that India was wearing white jerseys.

    Also training pics in 1948

    Indian footballers training barefoot at the Olympic training centre at Uxbridge Middlesex during the London Olympics August 1948

  • munna219777munna219777 25275 Points
    By 1962, the Indian team seems to be having Blue Jersey-same as Hockey team. This is pic of Rahim Saab in 1962 with India squad which won Gold medal in Asian games.

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    Red and gold / green and maroon are the color of Kolkatta clubs... Accept the fact... If you don't like... Buy your European Shit... 
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    Wait, who suggested they change the colors? The color of Mohun Bagan and East Bengal are historic! They just have shit kits. Just make something like this. With Bagan they could just make this.
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    Horizontal bands are shit. I would have preferred the old Barca shirt worked in green and maroon. The wider the stripes, the better.
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    @munna21977 Even I had discussed  with some seniors about the evolution of Indian jersey .. No one is having any clue on that but some has stated that it is not that long we officially get in to this blue as the first kit. What i was told to believe is that India wore Orange Jersey in 1986 nehru cup. And I have very clear memory of  1997 Nehru cup that played in Kochi , In that tournament Indian was in white shirt and orange shorts as their first kit and navy blue shirt and maroon shorts as their second kit (contrasting Colours :) ). Also there is video of 1982 Nehru cup in which India played in orange against Argentina. There is another video of India playing against  against Malaysia of1984 where India played in White Jersey with blue patch in front. 
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