Indian Super League 2021-22: Let's Football



  • RonnyRonny 10461 Points
    I tried my best to watch. ESPN+ would not let me..BFC scored 3 good goals which shows Carles era of no goals is over! This was bound to happen since the dead wood of the team in Dimas and Erik has been replaced by younger players. This can be a very good season from BFC I think
  • haritrams24haritrams24 kerala1990 Points
    Leone Augustine injured. 
  • spartasparta Jamshedpur FC2074 Points
    Udanta getting MOM is something new. I don't know when will he start scoring again.
  • goalkeepargoalkeepar Turkish occupied Cyprus29264 Points
    @Maddie no one cares about circus in IFN, we are only here to discuss I league.
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  • ashindiaashindia 9254 Points
    Maddie said:
    Nobody gave fuck about today's match BFC vs NEUFC..

    I didn't watch the match, wanted honest review and IFN is blank.... speaks lots about Indian football interest.. 

     Quality of matches are pretty bad and star/FSDL marketing is getting boring now so lot of fans who used to watch ISL are now choosing to skip the same.

    I watched both matches and would say that they were pretty rusty especially defending. We could clearly see that it will take few matches for teams to get to fit/match ready. 

  • ashindiaashindia 9254 Points
    ashindia said:
    They need to get rid of star first. 
    Sounds good on paper! Even Reliance with all their might couldnt get a broadcaster for ISL who would actually pay any decent money. And cant blame the broadcasters, unless the NT performs well, overall enthusiasm for football will be negligible in India. STAR was brought in out of compulsion and not choice. 
    Star was bought in 8 years ago and at that point ISL was a month’s league and Disney weren’t involved. Also there weren’t many channels back then.

    ISL won’t find broadcasters easy but they can find someone who can do better job than star who have single production team(daily matches) and fixed slots for Kabbadi, IPL( ISL cannot overrun those so have to finish early) 
  • SnepSnep 277 Points
    I have to actually agree with few people over here. This 3 month circus has to stop and proper 8 to 9 month 30 gameweek league needs to happen of Indian National Team to have any chance to be in Top 10 in Asia. Also i-League needs to have a promotion path to ISL so teams have incentive to play for something. And i-League needs to get similar if not same level of television coverage.This is the only way to progress Indian Football. These meaningless 3 month daily games circus is not sustainable.

    AIFF needs to kick out the leaches ruining the National football for their political gains. Praful Patel who ruined air India by buying unwanted planes and pushed it into huge debt for whatever bribe he might have earned from it is running AIFF unelected. Why no one is legally challenging this moron and kick him out of the AIFF first and elect person who has experience of sports administration.

    AFC should ban AIFF from any future FIFA tournaments if ISL does not get its act together from next season. Enough if this stupid circus.
  • munna219777munna219777 28513 Points
    First they created a monopoly by sidelining all football other then ISL
    Now they are not promoting ISL also.
  • thebeautifulgamethebeautifulgame Durgapur,India29664 Points
    East Bengal 1-0 JFC (21 min.)
  • Players bound to be rusty. They haven't played for 9 months. Will take atleast 2-3 matches to become match fit. Will also see a lot of injuries
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