2022 FIFA U-17 Women's World Cup



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    @EastBengalPride - We all know that! Question is why are we even hosting this event?  ---

    We did not host it to win the world cup for starters. Football is slowly taking shape in India for the past few years after 2017. Various steps and initiatives have been attempted to bring in more money, viewers, players so football can grow bigger than what it is now. One of the steps in that direction is hosting this W17 2022. It brings is wealth of knowledge, experts and more over entire country gets to watch top class teams at this age category. This will inspire (only hope no guarantees) - millions of youngsters to take up the game, motivate parents to send their kids to participate so one day their kids could also play in WC and possibly win, there is very long way to go. It is journey - it starts with small steps, and hosting is one of those small steps hoping to inspire many in the future. AIFF has realized it is going to take much longer to get our boys/men's team to make it to WC. But they have a fairly easy chance to make the women's team to make it WC in few more attempts .... that is another reason for hosting this and making it appealing to many young girls/women in our country and popularize the sport internally (hidden agenda). Also having hosted a WC 17 paves the way for lot of other hosting rights since you have done it already (future plan).
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    No offence but India women's NT is overrated. The ranking is way overexaggerated considering the number of teams that actually take women's football seriously. The fact that women's NT have easier chance of making it to WC is also a myth considering how big the gap is between average teams and India. 

    There is lot of work to be done. Just because you are ranked inside hundred doesn't mean you can hire some European coach, play friendlies and start playing world cups.
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    Womens Football in India is not of international level yet.

    Focus on National League, National level tournaments like National Games held recently and select proper squad for Asian Level Tournaments.

    Asian Games should be our target.

    Appoint a young lady coach from europe / america so that our girls get inspired.

    Stop hosting such tournaments where we get qualified as a Host.

    Play on Merit
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    @ashindia, @munna219777 ;  - Do not we all know all these already?
    Knowing all this - The question was - why host this U17 WC? 

    No offence taken - but the reality is this - administrators are trying different steps to boost the game, some may work out some may not. Only time will tell, but from the past experiences around the globe, hosting a FIFA WC of any age category has definitely helped growing and popularizing the game in the host country. That is the primary reason for AIFF hosting this. 
    This is one of the building blocks for future of the game in INDIA.
    Imagine if Hong Kong - is hosting an ICC T20 world cup? Why would they do that?

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    Please read - how it helps a team to learn just by participating in WC, imagine how much a nation would learn by hosting one U17 WC. Real life practical example of what the AIFF is trying to do - not every single step they take would be a success, but they are trying ....:)

    T20 World Cup 2022 - How Namibia 'turned the tables' on Sri Lanka (espncricinfo.com)

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    Bhai Cricket is not Football
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    AIFF should be asked reimburse the tax payers money wasted in this tournament. 
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    We definitely need to host tournaments like this to improve our organisational capabilities. Results do not matter here. Hosting WWC indirectly helps our main football establishment as well.
  • i'm not against the idea of hosting a tournament but my problem is not then following it up with good exposure matches against top quality AFTER the tournament is over. not having proper league for youth level is another issue.

    eg: when the senior men's team qualified for Asian Cup in 2011 when it had 16 teams, that was a major milestone. So back then we had long camps. i think i read something like the number of friendlies we played in 2010 was more than combined friendlies played from 2000-2009.

    the fault is with Indian mentality. We build many things but we do not maintain it. We build public toilet but after a month it is not usable. 

    now look at the future of current under 17 WC batch. what is the plan? 
  • RonnyRonny 10461 Points
    We should have given an U-20 WC to the U-17 batch..the pool would have increased and their growth would have ocntinued
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